Asshole of the Year

2019 Asshole of the Year: the nominations are…

It’s time for the staff at S&R to award our 5th Annual Donald J. Trump Asshole of the Year.

Donald J Trump Asshole of the Year AwardThis is never an easy process because the competition is so intense. So many people devoting so much effort to destroying the lives of so many millions of innocents – the scale of our world’s assholery would be staggering if we weren’t so numb to it.

This year we’ll be offering two posts. In part 1, below, we’ll share the back and forth nominating process. Tomorrow we’ll name our winner and offer some comment attempting to justify why he, she or them is more deserving than a veritable legion of worthy competitors.



It’s that time again. Who’s our 2019 Asshole of the Year?

Jim Booth:

Barr. Enemy of the people.


I thought we were the enemies of the people.

Denny Wilkins:

The Republican Party.

Tamara Enz:

Jeff Bezos.


Just one?

Thomas Jefferson. That asshole set off the whole chain of assholes we have to deal with. And the words he used that he didn’t mean are the fundamental problem.

Joe Biden. After we all got saddled with Trump because it was “Clinton’s turn,” he decided to repeat that. Because even though all his wrong ideas are a generation or two behind, he’s determined to foist them on us for no reason greater than his own vanity as an old white man. Because he refuses to recognize that his son’s actions were corrupt and won’t even begin to examine how that’s a real bad look for running against Trump. Because he acts like Trump with the volume turned down to listening levels and thinks he’s totally different.

Because after the selling us out to the bankers; after the drug war’s damage; after actively working to increase inequality for a lifetime; after cheerleading for the destruction of nations and the death of innocent women and children he still thinks that all those things are right and good to the point that he bristles at the suggestion he could be wrong. Because his entire plan is to use the desperation and good intentions of liberals and progressives to fuck them over one last time.


You know, we’ve noted here and there that the framers set this mess up to be just the 1%er nightmare it is. But have we ever really done a full-on analysis of it? A Converse on the FOUNDING FATHERS AotY could be fascinating.

Brian Angliss:







Other ideas: Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, Boris Johnson.

Ken Cuccinelli for his rabid support of heinous border policies (never mind his history of attacking climate scientists).

Brett Kavanaugh or Neil Gorsuch for their recent SCOTUS majority rulings.

Andrew Wheeler, EPA director.

Collectively, everyone who pushed to move the BLM to Grand Junction and two groups within the Dept of Agriculture to Kansas City.


I’ll add to Biden with the fact that he’s now saying that it’s his staff’s fault for not telling him there was at least a perception issue. But we’ve seen how he’s willing to react to people on camera and that staff has recalled there was no way they were going to bring it up; clearly because he would have screamed at him. And the fact that he’s saying it won’t happen when he’s president indicated he knows it was wrong but somehow it was ok when he was Vice President.

I predict that if he’s the nominee, he loses to Trump because low information voters won’t see a difference between his corruption and Trump’s; the only energy provided to Dem voters will be a hatred of Trump; and he’ll say enough stupid/offensive shit to shoot himself in the foot. He’ll saddle us with more Trump, Barr, Giuliani, etc and blame us. So maybe he’s a better candidate for AotY in 2020.

Lisa Wright:

Please don’t forget McConnell in all of this. That shitbird has been playing a long game that has placed close to 180 largely unqualified hateful morons on the bench at all levels over the last three years.

Gavin Chait:

Boris Johnson? I mean, seriously, the man managed – in two days – to steal a journalist’s phone, and then hide in a fridge to avoid an interview.

Brave Sir Boris Johnson hides in a fridge:

Brave Sir Boris Johns steals a phone.

Brave Sir Boris Johnson ran away:

Cat White:

I second Lisa on Mitch. He’s the AoY that just keeps giving. And will do so forever.

There is a 5-part history of McConnell from the NPR. Listen to part 1.

Michael Smith:

My mom had a fall yesterday so I had to take her to the hospital. She broke her shoulder but is otherwise okay. The triage nurse was concerned that she may have hit her head during the fall so she asked my mom a couple of questions to test her mental acuity. After answering, my mom asked the nurse why she wasn’t asked questions like “what year is it?” or “who is the President of the United States?” The nurse said that they’ve been instructed not to ask the latter question because it causes a spike in blood pressure for many patients. You don’t say.

+1 for Bill Barr. Actually, +1 for the GOP. Maybe the AotY should be a clever take on the phrase “all the President’s men.” I’m more disgusted by Gym Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and Devin Nunes than the other usual suspects. It’s the low-level water carriers who are making this whole shit show possible.

Cat White:

Maybe the AoY should be GOP Hypocrisy. We could line up samples of everyone’s moralistic hand wringing over Monica and Benghazi, etc. etc. Granted, the hypocrisy tsunami has been building since the election but the GOP is standing on the beach with their backs to the wave mugging for selfies. Now, of course, maybe they’ll all just hop on their surfboards, paddle out and ride it to victory next year – in which case we’ll all be the ones running screaming up the beach. Then we’ll have to do some serious soul-searching about whether we should bother with ethics and morals going forward.

Lisa Wright:

Case in point…

And this to the McConnell point.

Supreme Court Confirms There Is No Fifth Vote to Protect Abortion Rights

And this:

Kristen Wheeler:

I finally had time to scan all the candidates. Mitch is pure evil.

Denny Wilkins:

Mitch and Newt Gingrich could be co-winners.

Kristen Wheeler:

After Mitch stating he will acquit before the trial has even been set is grounds enough for me. He and the GOP care nothing about the common people or any attempt at maintaining checks and balances.

McConnell impeachment by Paul Szep


Any more nominees and/or testimonials? If not, let’s vote.

Tune in tomorrow for the winner.