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Your Daily Devotional for September 17, 2019

farmers are bankrupt, gas prices are about to spike, the Arctic is melting and Bone Saw Arabia is goading us to war, so it’s good to know that our president has all the time in the world to tweet about all the imaginary bullshit rattling around in his big dumb empty pumpkin head
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  1. Really, all I can do is laugh on that one.
    But darn – it’s good to do it. Maybe time though to sort through the calamities; fully understand and disseminate the issues. Decide what the stance might be – as positive, preclusive, or redactive action. Think about what can be done, talk about what can be done; because, by golly, who will do it if not.

    I find the your posts to be on target: ridiculous for ridiculous; but lampooning is passive aggressive – not my intention to offend – but kind of powerless, you give him the power you could take back for yourself.

    You are informed and press worthy. Talk about what the issues are as taken apart – impartially, calmly, as a reasoned, thought through, grounded response or article – so folks can understand what’s at stake. You having the greater part of knowledge – inform your readers. Cause alot of us don’t know exactly what all the going down has to do with what’s coming back up. I expect this isn’t exactly the reaction you might be looking for. I know you can always blak the comment if you choose to . . . so I won’ t fret.
    But, an idea. Maybe you’ll give it some thought.
    Thanks for posting. You do have a way with words.