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Your Daily Devotional for September 16, 2019

how awesome is it that when Roe v Wade is finally overturned, the deciding vote will be cast by the guy who was so blackout drunk all through high school and college that he can’t remember how many women he sexually assaulted. ace fucking job there, America, take a victory lap
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  1. perhaps Catholicism as having become a system for the political enforcement of particular ideas about who or who is not worthy of the love of God – or more to the point – possibly the modern day back up plan for the enforcement of ancient Roman creeds, economic and political power (in the name of God); is the more disturbing thing. You might want to read up on what were basically child abductions to Australia from unwed mothers care of the Catholic church and not interefered with by the English government circa not so long ago; and the priest based sexual assaults, in relation to those several thousands of young children, that occurred there.
    Your posts, seem on point as far as successfully pointing out the monumental levels, often going unnoticed, of the hypocrisy involved in these things.
    And if it is hypocrisy – how can it be the truth and something born of superior high moral fiber a the same time. The answer is simple: it can’t be. Though I suggest that it is best not to provide “victory” as a defeatist mind set. Think strong and be positive. Thanks for posting.