Your Daily Devotional for September 12, 2019

never forget that Trump spent the whole day on 9/11 sitting on a gold-plated toilet in his ugly tower and phoning into TV and radio shows to brag about having the tallest building in lower Manhattan. don’t believe any bullshit stories about the lazy fuck helping out at ground zero
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  1. Well, that’s telling it like it is.
    I see Mr (won’t say his name) as a self propelled media hooker, who became president to expand his sense of self importance …… when the position was actually intended as a top tier public service post.

    Best to not get caught up in the gramblings of a stone like that – using the presidency like an antic gumball machine: drawing our public concerns and American issues into himself – abandoning his post [us] to feed his ego; using that post in that same way.

    Let’s dismiss what he’s saying like he isn’t there, because as far as what he should be doing in that post — he isn’t there; and get back to business and brass tacks like the sane, level headed, down to earth, sensible, fair, capable, American people that we are, and will continue to be.

    Otherwise it’s just feeding the wolf; and a wolf that would use a public service position, as populated as the presidency, to celebrate himself — is a very self serving wolf.

    Maybe the bigger disgrace is that the American people voted [–] in in the first place. That might be the better path of contemplation, chronologically. We are responsible for that, you see.

    So, let’s sort it out and get it done.

    If he isn’t performing duties according to the (actually very clear) outlines and designations of the (not left to wonder about) post guidelines (read the last few lines of the Declaration of Independence) — then perhaps we are, legally,

    somewhat obligated to



    Otherwise stand the ground; keep one’s own counsel; and hold the tongue.