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What will you choose, America? Your values, or Donald the messiah?

When an autocrat tells you what he’s going to do, listen.

He honestly believes that no-one can stop him, so unless he changes his mind, he’s going to do what he says he will.

Donald is an autocrat. When he says he’s going to do something, listen.

But Donald is not just an autocrat. As we’ve seen the last couple of days, he also has a messiah complex. He believes that he is divinely gifted, a “Chosen One.”

Donald’s messianic zeal make him uniquely dangerous because he’s not just an autocrat, he’s an autocrat who believes himself put on this Earth by God to do something.

Not only does he believe that no-one can stop him, he believes that anyone who tries is standing against God.

In Donald’s mind, anyone who opposes God is a blasphemer, apostate, evil, a worshiper of the Devil. And as God’s chosen implement on Earth, anyone who opposes Donald, opposes God.

We are watching the President of the United States claim to be an instrument of God, divinely appointed to some Purpose that only the President knows.

Donald has demanded loyalty for years now. Soon he will demand worship.

Donald has told white men that they are privileged by God. Soon they will believe it and fight for him.

Donald has called immigrants “murderers” and “invaders.” Soon he will call them Satan’s spawn.

Donald has called for no longer allowing children born in the US to automatically be US citizens. Soon he will strip the citizenship from adult citizens.

Donald has called for stripping LGBTQ rights. Soon it will be women’s rights.

America finds itself at a fork in the road. Down the easy path lies Donald and the destruction of America as we know her. Down the difficult path lies a kinder, freer, more equal America than we have ever known.

It is time for America – and for each American – to stand before the crucible and choose between what is easy and what is right.

I choose the harder path. #resist


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    • Most Americans believe in something, so at some level I probably am. Whatever god he might believe in is certainly no god that I would recognize as Christian, at least.

      But even if he doesn’t believe in a god, he certainly pretends to and he uses religious language well enough to let a lot of nominal Christians follow him without the cognitive dissonance making their heads explode.