Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher acquitted. Are we getting the whole story?


PBS News Hour reports: Why Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher was found not guilty of murdering Iraqi captive.

When the King of All Dumpster Fires tweeted support, I knew Gallagher was guilty. At least, if I followed the script, I was supposed to believe that. I wasn’t so sure. I looked into it a bit, which, to be fair, is rather a bit more than many who formed early opinions had tried.

On May 29, ran this piece: Navy SEAL Seeks to Toss Slaying Case over Withheld Evidence.

Go ahead. Take a moment to skim over it. We can wait. I think you’ll find it a chilling read. Here’s the passage that got me:

Parlatore said he’s aware of evidence that showed at least one member of Gallagher’s squad practiced medical procedures on the militant when he was dead or nearly dead, which might indicate he died from a different cause.

Shades of Dr. Mengele much?

Now, you might note that the Medic Mengele is never named in the article. For that matter, perusing the news to the present day, I don’t think you’ll find Medic Mengele mentioned by name. Isn’t that a story in itself?

For that matter, given that now-Petty Officer 1st Class Gallagher was acquitted on all but one charge, and given the hot mess presented from that May 29 story forward, shouldn’t we maybe be incredibly concerned about Parlatore’s early claim?

“Gallagher’s case has been irreparably corrupted by a government campaign of outrageous and illegal conduct,” attorney Tim Parlatore said in the opening salvo of his motion to dismiss the charges. “This prosecution threatens to make an unequivocal farce of our justice system.”

To arrive at the acquittals, we must accept that there was a tremendous amount of perjury committed against Gallagher.

Gallagher made an entirely human error, one I’m hard-pressed to forgive myself, but if justice is served, I’m content. But while the case against Gallagher was sucking all the air out of the room, and Trump was blowing all the hot air back into it, did we lose sight of Medic Mengele and his All Perjury Brass Band? I think we did.

Now, why might that be?