Kumar Rocker destroys Duke and I nearly die laughing

In which I share a funny moment with myself.

Scrolling through the morning’s news on my iPhone this morning, and I see this headline:

Rocker saves Vandy’s year with no-hitter, 19 K’s

I don’t follow college baseball, so I don’t know the players, but my first thought was “I wonder if this is John Rocker‘s kid?” So I started reading the article. The giggling began when I got to the seventh word:

Vanderbilt coach Tim Corbin worried when Kumar Rocker came off the mound after a first inning when the freshman pitcher hit Duke center fielder Kennie Taylor with a pitch near the left eye.

Kumar Rocker?


Then I saw the guy’s picture and watched the post-game interview.

Kumar Rocker

This class act – John Rocker‘s kid?


Hoo boy. That was a good one.

Sometimes I just slay myself.


* If you don’t know why I’m laughing go read this.

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