My week of shooting, 10 March 2019

Codename: Taqueria Drive-thru…

I’ve only got one photo for you this week because I’m hindered by the head cold from Hell, and I’m lazy, and I’m rethinking how I do this photography showcase every week. But mostly it’s because of the beautiful teddy bear-shaped old man in the photo below.

I shot this on Thursday, and since I posting it to my Flickr photo stream on Friday it has proven quite popular. I mean, popular considering my small Flickr fan base. So after thinking about it, I decided I don’t want this fellow to have to share space and attention with anyone else this week.

So click on the photo to see greater detail. And enjoy…

El Faro taqueria South San Francisco California

And that’s it for this week. Until next seek see my other work here and here.

Remember: people and the world are more beautiful, odd, and interesting than you think, you just have to stop and look long enough to notice.