My week of shooting, 24 February 2019

Codename: Pink Tuba Fire…

Welcome to the first installment of a new weekly feature here on Scholars & Rogues. It’s an ongoing showcase of photographs from my growing body of photojournalism and street photography work, featuring what I think are the best and/or most interesting photos I shot during a given week. I hope you enjoy my work, or get some value from it, and will come back here each week to see how I’ve been seeing our world.

Here we go…

  • On Tuesday I unintentionally unnerved this adorable little girl who was walking past my house with her grandmother…

an unhappy toddler in pink

  • On Wednesday there was this kid in a shopping cart at a Japanese supermarket in San Mateo where my wife and I were getting some groceries…

kid in shopping cart at Nijiya Market

  • On Thursday Brisbane’s only public house, the Brisbane Inn, caught fire on the top floor and burned for a while. See more photographs of the incident here.

Brisbane California bar on fire

  • On Saturday I encountered this fuzzy pink kid at the public unveiling of a raccoon statue in a small park here in Brisbane. You can also see this photo in this collection

A little girl with pink hair

  • Also on Saturday, I came across tuba player rehearsing in a shopping center parking with his banda group for a gig they were playing later in the evening…

Mexican banda tuba player

And that’s it for this week. Until next seek see my other work here and here.

Remember: people and the world are more beautiful, odd, and interesting than you think. You just have to stop and look long enough to notice.

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  1. I predictably love this set (except for the pub burning – that’s a fucking tragedy). But the little girl in the headdress – that look on her face is the look of a kid who has IT.

    • I think that look is one only a child who is very wanted and loved and feels free to be who they are can have. At least that was the sense I got from her.

      Or it could be she’s just naturally not afraid of tall, overweight, somewhat thug-like photographers. Who knows?

      • Oddly, it wasn’t the full shot that grabbed me. It was the crop for the slider, which dials in tight on her eyes and her smile. From there I went back to the full image and that love/wanted thing you can see surrounding her. That was the context and the eyes and smile were the signal, I think.