The war for the soul of America continues

We won a critical battle yesterday, but the war for the soul of America continues.

I’m hearing people saying that we saved democracy yesterday when we elected enough Democrats to take back control of the House of Representatives.

While I appreciate the enthusiasm, it’s a bit much.

Donald is still an autocrat, still a fascist, and he’ll continue to do everything in his power to remake America into his vision. A vision that remains in deep opposition to the ideals spelled out in the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution.

Without question we won a critical battle yesterday. But we have most definitely not won the war. The damage that Donald can do and will try to do in the next two years is still dangerously high. But it’s no longer incalculably high.

After yesterday, Americans who oppose Donald, whatever the party or lack thereof, should take a quick victory lap. We’ve earned it. But we can’t afford to become complacent.

Donald won’t.

Mitch McConnell won’t.

The Republican party won’t.

The New England Patriots kneel during the National Anthem (Image credit: Jim Rogash/Getty Images North America)

We’re still in a fight for the soul of America against people who think America should be more white instead of diverse, more Christian instead of diverse, more heterosexual instead of diverse.

Sicker instead of healthier.

More polluted instead of cleaner.

That fight will continue. It will get worse in the next couple of months, before the new House of Representatives is sworn in, in January. We must remain on guard and continue to fight, as we did this election, for a better America.

For an America that repudiates Donald’s hatred of immigrants, of blacks, of women, of gays and transgendered, of poor people, of the sick, of the disabled.

For an America that is worthy of its ideals, rather than its fears.

We must fight for an America not of walls designed to keep people apart, but rather an America of We The People.

We won a critical battle yesterday, but the war for the soul of America continues.