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Who gets you? Who are your people?

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I’m pretty sure nobody here is having fake fun

Let’s have a little heart on the sleeve moment here.

You know what’s more important to me than whether or not I agree or disagree with anyone about anything? Or antagonizing or responding to antagonism because I’m a troll after a fashion. Social media is like playing bloody knuckles in some ways. Or maybe I’m just at the wrong party and that’s why I don’t get invited back.

It’s the laughs that are the really important thing. They don’t have to be laughs at every damned thing I think is funny. Some things are just mildly funny or meh, whatever. But there’s things I share for laughs that really, only my people would get, and y’all are a diverse crowd.

The thing with laughs is that they’re one of the most genuine things you’ll see on social media. Oh, sure, we probably type rofl more often than we actually even chuckle out loud, but it’s still a true expression of humor shared. There’s no mistakes in it. No facts. No debate. No judgment. For that moment, we’re on the same page laughing at the same thing. Who doesn’t like that?

With contention, more often than not it’s a lost battle before it starts because mostly disagreement happens without even being 100% clear on what the disagreement is even about. It’s just talking past, not with. And who wants to go through the tedium of stopping a perfectly fun hot-headed chat to start defining terms? It’s not that people aren’t honest about what they agree and disagree about. It’s just that it’s all so arguable.

That laugh? You laughed. I saw it. Because whatever it was, we got it, and it was funny. If we’re going to be dishonest about a laugh, we’re usually clear enough to say so, “oh, ha ha!” Otherwise, what’s the point?

So I choose to think those laughs are the most genuine things we end up sharing.

I’ll still be a PITA troll pulling nosehairs left and right, because that’s just how I show affection or some such bullshit. But the laughs are where it’s at.