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Horrible things said and done by Donald and his Administration – June, 2018

Jingoism and attacking our allies as foreign policy. Family separation and crimes against humanity and an ICE police state as immigration policy. Actual fascism. June’s 140 unique instances of loathsome behavior were some of the worst in a year of tracking Donald’s horrible behavior.

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In June, 2018, I counted a total of 140 unique instances of horrible behavior by Donald and his Administration. In foreign policy, Donald repeatedly attacked our allies and engaged in jingoistic actions. His behavior with respect to immigration was appalling, from a significant increase in ICE trying to turn the US into a police state, the separation of children from their parents, and even a few justifications of what might qualify as crimes against humanity according to international law. And June saw the most examples of outright, legitimate, 1930s-style fascism since I started this project a year ago.

Foreign Policy

American exceptionalism (Image Credit: AEI)

Donald attacked our allies six times, more times than the entire prior year combined1. The Department of Homeland Security announced that it was going to crack down on the Canadian border in order to keep hypothetical terrorists from sneaking into the US from Canada. Donald himself attacked our allies at the G-7 summit, along with proving yet again that his ignorance of economics is extensive. And Donald’s economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, warned that the WTO wasn’t going to “determine US policy,” threatening to demolish an economic order that was specifically constructed after World War II to benefit the US.

There was a record amount of jingoism displayed by Donald and his Administration in June – 27 unique instances, a 50% increase over the previous high of 19. Donald repeatedly threatened a global trade war between the US and everyone else. Donald’s foreign policy doctrine was described by White House officials as “we’re America, bitch.” Donald withdrew the US from the United Nations’ Human Rights Council over it’s entirely justified criticism of Israel’s anti-Palestinian behavior. And Donald threatened to impose sanctions on any country that imported Iranian oil after the US walked away from the Iran nuclear agreement.


ICE continued behaving as if the US was a police state in June, with six instances – double the number of instances in the nearest month. For example, an ICE officer physically assaulted and broke the foot of an immigration attorney. ICE also arrested a man outside his home for a previous conviction for which he’d completed his sentence 20 years before. There were also multiple stories of ICE boarding buses asking for latinos for proof of citizenship as if even American citizens can provide such a thing on short notice – on a bus.

Immigrant “caravan” in April 2018 (Image Credit: Buzzfeed, Luc Forsyth)

Donald’s policy of splitting up immigrant families by separating children from their parents (or grandparents, in some cases) generated a record 15 unique instances, 10.7% of all horrible behavior in June and 50% higher than the next prior high of 10 instances. Journalists were allowed to tour a boys detention facility inside a former WalMart in Texas where the wall were covered with propaganda and the conditions were crowded. Children as young as three were forced to appear before an immigration judge without a lawyer or their guardian in a mockery of justice. And before the Administration was forced by a judge to stop the policy of family separation, Donald was looking to erect tent cities on military bases to house tens of thousands of separated children – children who became “unaccompanied” upon separation and on military bases to limit access of both legal counsel and journalists to the children.

Finally, there were eight instances of Administration officials justifying family separation even though it might qualify as a crime against humanity – as many instances as April and May combined. Stephen Miller, a white supremacist who is an aide to Donald, said that separating children at the border was a “simple decision” because it would deter families fleeing violence in their native countries from coming to America – a direct attack on international laws related to refugees and asylum. The clearest example of a crime against humanity was when the Administration argued that it could indefinitely jail immigrant children and parents together.


In June, Donald and his administration were explicitly, overtly fascist – in an authentic 1930s manner – 16 times. That’s 11.4% of all instances of horrible behavior, and even more than the previous record month of August 2017 (following the Charlottesville white supremacist protests). The Administration used the internment of Japanese citizens during World War II as a legal argument to deny civil liberties to immigrants in detention. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was forced to explain exactly why the Administration’s family separation policy wasn’t similar to Nazi Germany, and his explanation was that the Nazis prevented the Jews from leaving. And Donald himself called for immigrants to be deported without due process, a civil liberty granted to all people by the US Constitution and affirmed by the Supreme Court.

In the month of June, 2018, 140 unique items were identified that met one or more of the 51 categories (see below for a complete list) of horrible behavior.

Date Link Categories
6/1/18 President Trump misses LGBTQ Pride Month — again homophobia, churches back into politics
6/2/18 NYT: Trump lawyers sent special counsel letter arguing President can’t obstruct Russia probe authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law, narcissism
6/2/18 The Trump Administration’s Approach to School Violence Is More Style Than Substance school shootings, narcissism, propagandist
6/3/18 President Trump ‘probably does’ have the power to pardon himself: Giuliani attacking the rule of law, propagandist
6/3/18 Dem senator shares video of him being barred entry to immigration detention center authoritarianism, equal protection under the law, splitting up immigrant families
6/3/18 Trump: ‘I have the absolute right to PARDON myself’ propagandist, narcissism, attacking the rule of law, fascism
6/3/18 Lewandowski says Trump legal team ‘will take it to court’ if Mueller subpoenas president authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law, lying, hypocrisy, propaganda
6/4/18 Trump rips FBI, DOJ for not notifying him of Manafort investigation lying, propaganda, narcissism
6/4/18 Pompeo calls for Venezuela to be suspended from OAS authoritarianism, jingoism, hypocrisy
6/4/18 The Trump administration is considering getting more involved in Yemen — and aid groups say it could be disastrous Jingoism, crimes against humanity
6/5/18 Trump cancels Philadelphia Eagles visit to the White House authoritarianism, jingoism, propagandist, lying, hypocrisy, demagoguery
6/5/18 Trump abandons loyalty test in midterm primary endorsements hypocrisy
6/5/18 Trump criticizes ‘numerous delays’ in release of IG report on Clinton’s email use attacking the rule of law, demagoguery, authoritarianism, anti-intellectual
6/5/18 Trump blames Jeff Sessions for ongoing ‘Russian witch hunt hoax’ belittling people, lying, authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law
6/5/18 NASA’s new boss reportedly talked to private companies about taking over the International Space Station anti-science, anti-intellectual
6/5/18 Emails: Pruitt used EPA aide to inquire about Chick-fil-A business opportunity no business ethics, authoritarianism, social Darwinism
6/5/18 Justice Dept. appeals ruling in Trump Twitter-blocking case attacking the media, restricting civil liberties
6/5/18 Betsy DeVos says safety committee formed after school shootings won’t study guns school shootings, anti-science
6/5/18 Judge sets deadline for Trump to be deposed in defamation case of former ‘Apprentice’ contestant authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law, sexual assault
6/5/18 The US reportedly flew B-52s in the South China Sea as it directly challenges Beijing’s militarization jingoism, China-hating
6/5/18 Trump Administration Sent This Unusual Request To OPEC, Russia Putin/Russia-loving, hypocrisy, jingoism
6/5/18 State Department spokeswoman notes D-Day in answer on ‘strong relationship’ with Germany authoritarianism, anti-intellectual, jingoism, attacking the media, Islamophobia, propagandist
6/6/18 Trump administration biofuels deal delayed indefinitely: sources anti-environmental, anti-science, anti-intellectual, authoritarianism, hypocrisy
6/6/18 Pruitt Aide Resigns Amid Scandals attacking the media, no business ethics
6/6/18 No, Sarah Sanders, reporters aren’t trying to ‘tear’ you down. They want you to do your job. lying, propagandist, attacking the media, hypocrisy
6/6/18 President Trump doesn’t mention new Puerto Rico death toll after Hurricane Maria during FEMA visit racism, social Darwinism, authoritarianism, demagoguery
6/6/18 U.S. plans to release detained American ‘enemy combatant’ in Syria authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law, equal protection under the law
6/6/18 German lawmaker says U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell should reconsider role after ’empowerment’ comments fascism, jingoism, white supremacy
6/6/18 Kudlow warns WTO won’t determine US policy as summit nears jingoism, authoritarianism, NATO-hating, economic ignorance
6/6/18 Trump Aide Who Made ‘Dying’ John McCain Comment Could Get Another White House Job, Kellyanne Conway Says belittling people, unethical
6/6/18 Secretaries Perry, Zinke Discuss Trump Administration’s Energy Policy anti-environmentalism, climate change denial, economic ignorance, authoritarianism
6/6/18 Mick Mulvaney Effectively Fires CFPB Advisory Council social Darwinism, anti-intellectual, attacking the rule of law, equal protection under the law, authoritarianism
6/7/18 Trump says Coast Guard rescued people who ‘went out in their boats to watch’ Harvey propagandist, lying, racism, social Darwinism
6/7/18 ‘Delete all your emails and then acid-wash’ your hard drives: Sean Hannity suggests Mueller probe witnesses should destroy their evidence attacking the rule of law, authoritarianism, misogyny, propagandist
6/7/18 Yellowstone superintendent says Trump administration is replacing him anti-environmentalism, unethical, authoritarianism, anti-science
6/7/18 US hits China’s ZTE with $1 billion penalty in deal to end crippling sanctions, Commerce Secretary Ross says hypocrisy, authoritarianism, equal protection under the law
6/7/18 Ex-Senate Intel staffer charged with lying to feds about reporter contacts attacking the media
6/7/18 Sex workers slam Rudy Giuliani for saying Stormy Daniels isn’t credible belittling people, misogyny, white male privilege, hypocrisy, narcissism
6/7/18 Exclusive: U.S. sending 1,600 immigration detainees to federal prisons immigrant-hating, racism, social Darwinism, authoritarianism, equal protection under the law
6/7/18 Trump suggests Mueller team investigate Obama administration over Iran waiver demagoguery, fascism, propagandist, racism, jingoism
6/7/18 Asylum seekers wait days and weeks at U.S.-Mexico border belittling people, authoritarianism, racism, immigrant-hating
6/8/18 Trump administration tells court it won’t defend key provisions of the Affordable Care Act strip medical insurance, authoritarianism, social Darwinism, hypocrisy, economic ignorance
6/8/18 G7: Trump isolated over trade and Russia on first day Putin/Russia loving, economic ignorance, jingoism
6/8/18 Trump threatens to escalate trade war, on eve of a G-7 summit he doesn’t even want to go to jingoism, economic ignorance, authoritarianism
6/8/18 President Donald Trump won’t invite NBA champion to White House narcissism, authoritarianism
6/9/18 Trump takes hard line with US allies at G-7 summit authoritarianism, jingoism, propagandist, NATO-hating, Putin/Russia-loving, narcissism, economic ignorance
6/9/18 DeVos reinstated for-profit college accreditor despite staff objections, report shows authoritarianism, unethical, anti-education, social Darwinism
6/10/18 Trump’s top economic aide on Trudeau: ‘It was a betrayal’ jingoism, narcissism, hypocrisy, demagoguery, propagandist
6/10/18 There’s a ‘special place in hell’ for Trudeau after his G7 ‘stunt,’ top WH Trade Adviser Peter Navarro says jingoism, demagoguery, narcissism
6/11/18 ‘Fool Trade’: Trump continues to rip G7 in tweetstorm authoritarianism, jingoism, economic ignorance
6/11/18 U.S. Supreme Court Backs States’ Voter-Purge Efforts voting restrictions, equal protection under the law, racism, white male privilege, anti-science
6/11/18 Trump admin drops asylum protections for domestic violence victims misogny, racism, social Darwinism, immigrant-hating, authoritarianism
6/11/18 Trump blames Obama for Russia’s annexation of Crimea propagandist, narcissism, belittling people
6/11/18 Trump won’t stop ripping up papers, so staffers have to literally tape them back together ‘like a jigsaw puzzle’ authoritarianism, narcissism, unethical
6/11/18 Trump admin says Trump can profit from foreign hotel guests attacking the rule of law, authoritarianism, unethical, anti-intellectual, narcissism
6/11/18 Senior White House official defines President Trump’s foreign policy doctrine: ‘We’re America, b—h’ fascism, economic ignorance, demagoguery, belittling people, attacking the rule of law, jingoism, NATO-hating
6/11/18 Trump Administration Challenges University of Michigan Anti-Bullying Rules authoritarianism, restricting civil liberties, social Darwinism, racism, homophobia, misogyny
6/11/18 Trump administration launches bid to catch citizenship cheaters immigrant-hating, social Darwinism, xenophobia, fascism, equal protection under the law
6/11/18 Mick Mulvaney changed the CFPB’s sign to BCFP authoritarianism, demagoguery, unethical
6/11/18 Trump’s commerce department put a tariff on Canadian paper that jacked up all U.S. newsprint prices unethical, economic ignorance, authoritarianism, NATO-hating
6/12/18 Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner Earned More Than $80 Million Last Year, Filings Show unethical, hypocrisy
6/12/18 What just happened? Experts break it down authoritarianism, nuclear proliferation, jingoism, narcissism
6/12/18 Exclusive: Trump looking to erect tent cities to house unaccompanied children authoritarianism, immigrant-hating, racism, splitting up immigrant families, crimes against humanity
6/12/18 Trump Administration Can’t Hide Jared Kushner–Led Office From FOIA Requests, Watchdogs Claim in New Court Filing authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law, hypocrisy
6/12/18 DHS Announces ‘Strengthened Northern Border Strategy’ Amid Growing Tensions Between U.S. and Canada attacking allies, police state, demagoguery, propagandist, jingoism
6/13/18 Trump declares North Korea ‘no longer a nuclear threat’ nuclear proliferation, narcissism, authoritarianism, propagandist
6/13/18 Trump Appointee Compiles Loyalty List of U.S. Employees at U.N., State narcissism, anti-intellectual, authoritarianism
6/13/18 California woman ‘in shock’ after ICE agents detain father, a legal resident, outside home police state, equal protection under the law, immigrant-hating, racism, social Darwinism, splitting up immigrant families, xenophobia, fascism
6/13/18 Scott Pruitt reportedly assigned EPA aide with getting his wife a job with conservative group unethical, hypocrisy, authoritarianism
6/13/18 Jeff Sessions Is Hijacking Immigration Law attacking the rule of law, authoritarianism, lying, immigrant-hating, social Darwinism, racism, white supremacy, crimes against humanity
6/14/18 What it’s like inside the former superstore in Texas where the US is holding 1,400 immigrant children equal protection under the law, police state, immigrant-hating, racism, social Darwinism, splitting up immigrant families, white supremacy, fascism, lying, belittilng people
6/14/18 Pence accused of ‘hijacking’ evangelical meeting churches back into poligits, mass shootings, propagandist, hypocrisy, jingoism
6/14/18 Trump Ordered Troops to the Border, But They’re Doing Busywork propagandist, narcissism, authoritarianism, demagoguery, attacking the rule of law
6/14/18 New York’s Attorney General Sues The Trump Foundation unethical, narcissism, white male privilege
6/14/18 White House defends “moral” border policy that leads to separation of families lying, splitting up immigrant families, immigrant-hating, fascism, racism, xenophobia, crimes against humanity
6/15/18 Trump Lawyer Giuliani: President’s ‘Not Going To Pardon Anybody’ — Yet attacking the rule of law, fascism, demagoguery, Putin/Russia-loving, hypocrisy
6/15/18 Top moments from Trump’s wild and wide-ranging White House lawn interview hypocrisy, Putin/Russia-loving, anti-intellectual, attacking the rule of law, authoritarianism, demagoguery, propagandist, belittling people, immigrant-hating, racism, splitting up immigrant families, lying
6/15/18 Trump: Kim’s people sit up when he speaks, ‘I want my people to do the same’ authoritarianism, narcissism
6/15/18 Trump slaps China with $50 billion in tariffs, Beijing immediately hits back, report says economic ignorance, jingoism, China-hating, demagoguery, propagandist
6/15/18 Trump told Macron ‘all the terrorists are in Paris’: report attacking allies, propagandist, jingoism, Islamophobia, racism
6/15/18 Pence turns VP’s office into gateway for lobbyists to influence the Trump administration hypocrisy, unethical
6/15/18 Trump Administration Uses Japanese Internment Example to Deny Rights to Detainees attacking the rule of law, equal protection under the law, fascism, racism, xenophobia, hypocrisy
6/16/18 Trump called a female reporter ‘obnoxious’ and told her to be ‘quiet’ misogyny, attacking the media
6/16/18 Trump Aide Stephen Miller on Separating Children at Border: “It Was a Simple Decision” authoritarianism, police state, immigrant-hating, racism, splitting up immigrant families, white supremacy, xenophobia, fascism, crimes against humanity
6/17/18 Roger Stone Admits Meeting With Russian Who Promised Damaging Clinton Info lying, Putin/Russia-loving, attacking the rule of law, unethical
6/18/18 Trump administration asks Supreme Court to weigh in on withholding funding from ‘sanctuary cities’ authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law, immigrant-hating
6/18/18 Kirstjen Nielsen says it’s “offensive” to suggest the Trump administration is purposely separating families lying, propagandist, immigrant-hating, splitting up immigrant families
6/18/18 Defiant Trump refuses to back off migrant family separations authoritarianism, lying, narcissism, propagandist, immigrant-hating, racism, splitting up immigrant families, social Darwinism, equal protection under the law, belittling people, crimes against humanity
6/18/18 Trump Resisting a Growing Wrath for Separating Migrant Families authoritarianism, lying, propagandist, immigrant-hating, racism, splitting up immigrant families, social Darwinism, attacking the rule of law, crimes against humanity
6/18/18 President Trump directs Defense Department to ‘immediately begin the process’ of establishing ‘space force’ as sixth military branch authoritarianism, jingoism, narcissism, anti-intellectual, demagoguery
6/19/18 Trump administration to propose “association health plans” attacking the rule of law, authoritarianism, strip medical insurance, social Darwinism, anti-intellectual
6/19/18 U.S. withdrawing from U.N. Human Rights Council hypocrisy, Islamophobia, demagoguery, jingoism, hypocrisy, equal protection under the law
6/19/18 Corey Lewandowski Dismisses Girl With Down Syndrome Separated From Mother: ‘Womp, Womp’ mocking the disabled, social Darwinism
6/19/18 A Fox News host prompted Jeff Sessions to address comparisons of Trump administration’s family-separation policy to Nazi Germany equal protection under the law, white supremacy, fascism, anti-intellectual, immigrant-hating, racism, social Darwinism, splitting up immigrant families
6/20/18 The Trump administration is bragging about treating refugees well. Seriously. hypocrisy, lying, social Darwinism, propagandist
6/20/18 Trump rescinds Obama policy protecting oceans polluted water, anti-science, anti-environmentalism
6/21/18 Trump administration clamps down on media access to federal scientists: Report authoritarianism, attacking the media, anti-science
6/21/18 Trump administration asks court to alter decree to OK family detention unethical, authoritarianism, immigrant-hating, racism, social Darwinism
6/21/18 House narrowly approves farm bill that could cut food stamps to millions of low-income Americans racism, social Darwinism, economic ignorance
6/21/18 Jeff Sessions says Trump administration ‘never intended’ to separate migrant kids from parents lying, propaganda
6/21/18 White House Proposes a Massive Reorganization of Federal Agencies economic ignorance, authoritarianism, social Darwinism, propagandist, anti-education, social Darwinism
6/21/18 Trump Vows to Open Minnesota’s Superior National Forest to Mines anti-environmentalism, polluted water
6/22/18 Trump says GOP should ‘stop wasting their time on immigration’ until after midterms lying, authoritarianism, propagandist, demagoguery, equal protection under the law, racism, immigrant-hating, xenophobia
6/22/18 Exclusive: Navy Document Shows Plan to Erect ‘Austere’ Detention Camps immigrant-hating, social Darwinism
6/22/18 Trump hosts victims of undocumented migrants amid family separations row propagandist, race baiting, xenophobia
6/22/18 Nikki Haley: ‘Ridiculous’ for UN to analyze poverty in America jingoism, authoritarianism, anti-intellectual, demagoguery, hypocrisy
6/22/18 Trump administration plans to use Coast Guard money to pay for border enforcement attacking the rule of law, authoritarianism
6/22/18 The EPA Just Killed Three Expert Advisory Committees anti-environmentalism, anti-science, polluted air, climate-change denial, authoritarianism, lying
6/23/18 Trump jabs ‘Wacky Jacky and Pocahontas’ while campaigning for Dean Heller in Nevada racism, belittling people, misogyny, demagoguery, lower taxes on the rich, strip medical insurance, social Darwinism, attacking the rule of law
6/23/18 Laura Ingraham on Time Magazine: When conservatives make mistakes, ‘we apologize’ lying, hypocrisy, propagandist
6/24/18 Trump calls for deporting migrants ‘immediately’ without a trial fascism, attacking the rule of law, equal protection under the law, racism, immigrant-hating
6/24/18 Trump administration’s ‘secret shutdown’ of immigration program discriminated against Latinos: Lawsuit racism, immigrant-hating, unethical, authoritarianism, splitting up immigrant families, white supremacy
6/24/18 Separated parents given option for voluntary deportation amid child reunification attacking the rule of law, equal protectoin under the law, restricting civil liberties, lying, immigrant-hating, racism, splitting up immigrant families
6/25/18 Trump lashes out at restaurant that asked Sarah Sanders to leave authoritarianism, belittling people, unethical
6/25/18 At a Toast to Trump, the North Korean Anthem Has a Starring Role narcissistim, unethical, authoritarianism, social Darwinism, jingoism
6/25/18 Rep. Waters calls for harassing admin officials in public, Trump calls her ‘low IQ’ racism, white supremacy, fascism, misogyny, belittling people
6/25/18 Ocean science agency chief floats removing ‘climate’ from mission statement and focusing on trade deficit anti-science, anti-environmentalism, climate change denial, economic ignorance, authoritarianism
6/25/18 Sarah Sanders says Trump administration doesn’t ‘make up laws’ like Obama lying, propagandist, hypocrisy
6/26/18 Supreme Court upholds travel ban Islamophobia, authoritarianism
6/26/18 Supreme Court Sides With California Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Centers authoritarianism, equal protection under the law, hypocrisy, abortion restrictions, churches back into politics, misogyny
6/26/18 Trump administration threatens sanctions against countries that import Iranian oil Islamophobia, jingoism, nuclear proliferation, authoritarianism
6/26/18 Trump administration warns court action could slow family reunification immigrant-hating, attacking the rule of law, splitting up immigrant families
6/26/18 Trump administration claims only 250,000 Americans live in extreme poverty, despite UN estimates of 18m anti-intellectual, lying, economic ignorance, belittling people, authoritarianism, propagandist, racism, social Darwinism
6/26/18 Trump calls Erdoğan to congratulate him on election win authoritarianism
6/26/18 Pence talks border in South America: ‘If you can’t come legally, don’t come at all’ lying, jingoism, propagandist, racism, social Darwinism, immigrant-hating
6/26/18 Attorney General Sessions: Elite ‘lunatic fringe’ wants security for itself but not for U.S. hypocrisy, lying, propagandist, attacking the rule of law, anti-intellectual
6/26/18 Immigration attorney: ICE agent knocked me down, broke my foot attacking the rule of law, authoritarianism, equal protection under the law, police brutality
6/27/18 Supreme Court deals major blow to public sector unions restricting civil liberties, anti-intellectual, equal protection under the law, social Darwinism
6/27/18 Former Fox News executive Bill Shine considered for White House communications role narcissism, hypocrisy, sexual harassment, propagandist, attacking the media, unethical
6/27/18 Pruitt seeks to limit EPA’s authority to block water pollution permits anti-environmentalism, anti-science, polluted water
6/27/18 Interior Department plans to let people kill endangered red wolves attacking the rule of law, authoritarianism, anti-environmentalism, anti-science
6/27/18 ICE Suspends In-Person Hearings at NYC Immigration Court Equal protection under the law, attacking the rule of law, immigrant-hating, racism, xenophobia, social Darwinism
6/27/18 Immigrant toddlers ordered to appear in court alone social Darwinism, splitting up immigrant families, white supremacy, fascism, immigrant-hating, racism, belittling people, equal protection under the law, unethical
6/28/18 Trump to Harley Davidson: ‘Don’t get cute with us’ authoritarianism, unethical, demagoguery, economic ignorance
6/28/18 Hannity links Maxine Waters’s rhetoric to Annapolis shooting mass shootings, hypocrisy
6/29/18 Trump Administration Began Separating Children From Parents Earlier Than Thought: Study authoritarianism, immigrant-hating, splitting up immigrant families, racism, social Darwinism, belittling people, equal protection under the law
6/29/18 Watch: Trump remarks on 6-month anniversary of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act economic ignorance, authoritarianism, trickle-down economics, demagoguery, propagandist
6/29/18 U.S. Ambassador to Estonia Resigns in Disgust After Trump Anti-Europe Rants lying, authoritarianism, economic ignorance
6/30/18 Donald Trump: Democrats will be ‘beaten so badly’ if they campaign to abolish ICE police state, demagoguery, racism, xenophobia, lying, immigrant-hating
6/30/18 Trump administration argues it can detain migrant children and parents together without time limits crimes against humanity, fascism, racism, immigrant-hating, xenophobia

Horrible categories

Personal morality

  • Adultery
  • Hypocrisy
  • Lying
  • Mocking the disabled (or, more broadly, belittling people)
  • Narcissism
  • Rape
  • Sexual assault (and sexusal harassment)

Miscellaneous bigotry

  • Anti-gay marriage
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Homophobia (and transphobia)
  • Immigrant-hating
  • Islamophobia
  • Misogyny
  • Race baiting
  • Racism
  • Social Darwinism
  • Splitting up immigrant families
  • White male privilege
  • White supremacy
  • Xenophobia (or more broadly, Dehumanizing the Other)

Economic and educational views

  • Anti-Common Core (or more broadly, anti-education)
  • Failed businessman (or more broadly, ignorance about how the economy actually works)
  • Not honoring contracts (or more broadly, unethical behavior)
  • Trickle-down economics/lower taxes on the rich

Anti-scientific views

  • Anti-environmentalism
  • Anti-intellectual
  • Anti-science
  • Anti-vaccination
  • Climate change denial
  • Polluted air (or more broadly, polluted air and water)
  • Rejects GMO foods

Social Policy

  • Abortion restrictions
  • Authoritarianism
  • Churches back into politics
  • Demagoguery
  • Police militarization (or more broadly, police brutality and even the US as a police state)
  • Propagandist
  • School shootings (or more broadly, mass shootings)
  • Strip medical insurance

Anti-civil rights

  • Against fair trials (or more broadly, attacking the rule of law)
  • Easing lawsuits against the media for libel (or more broadly, attacking the media)
  • Eliminating birthright citizenship and equal protection under the law
  • Restricting civil liberties (especially voting restrictions)

Foreign policy and nationalism

  • China-hating
  • Crimes against humanity
  • Fascism
  • Jingoism
  • NATO-hating (or more broadly, attacking our allies)
  • Nuclear proliferation
  • Putin/Russia-loving

1. I have to caution, however, that as horrible as Donald’s behavior was with respect treating our allies like serfs, the increase was at least partly driven by the fact I reclassified the category from merely “NATO-hating” to more generic “attacking our allies.” It will take several more months to see what impact this change ultimately has.