Prayer, or even fake prayer, is a magic get out of jail free card

man praying kneeling

Look, it works. Not a cop in sight!

Everything is wrong with this story

I’m not even sure who the most stupid party is in this story. NBC reports (if you can call it that):

Supreme Court sends back appeal of woman ordered by police to stop praying at home

Is it SCOTUS for sending the case back to the lower courts in search of more information? Hello! The information is right there. Noise violation. Predictable visit from the police. Entry after the knock isn’t answered. Non-compliance with officers that would get a black person, their mom, and their dog shot, to say nothing of an extra 40 rounds peppering the room because it usually seems police have a hit/miss ratio only slightly better than Stormtroopers.

Is it the dingbat for thinking that if you violate noise ordinances, get visited by the cops for the violation, and drop to your knees in prayer that somehow the cops are magically required to stop doing their job?

Is it NBC for that abomination of a clickbait headline that looks designed to pander to the right wing?

Remember folks, if this doesn’t get shot down in flames like it should be, the clear instruction here is that, if you’re stopped by the cops for anything, just drop to your knees and pray (or pretend, how would they know the difference) and by the power of magic, the cops have to stop what they’re doing until you’re done. I don’t know about you, but if I think I’m about to go to jail, I could pray for a very, very long time.

Oh, and pro-tip for NFL kneelers…pray while you’re doing it.

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