Border proposal: a high-speed commuter rail line


It’s not enough to complain and resist. We need forward-thinking ideas.

I had an idea at work earlier. Good or bad, at least it’s an idea, something Democratic leadership seems to be short on. I imagine they’d hate mine, probably because it’s a mix of humanitarian and infrastructure project that’s close to a wall, but actually serves multiple purposes.

How about a high-speed commuter rail system that runs the path they’d like for the wall, with special cars that only disembark at ports of entry, while the rest are for anyone needing to travel east/west along the route. Wildlife migration could be accommodated with periodic underpasses (gets kudos in other parts of the world), and those underpasses could be guarded against human intrusion. Work with Mexico to put migrant hostels on the southern side of the border where migrants can check in to await a scheduled time to cross in and go through all the appropriate red tape. Those hostels could easily be subsidized between profits from the line as well as savings from not buying a boondoggle like the wall with tons of money to spare. Perhaps the hostels could be part of secured Port of Entry Pavilions that even include a chapel, a clinic, social workers, legal aid, and job fairs to help pair prospective migrant workers with employers who legally qualify to hire them.

Let’s see…infrastructure, jobs, new commerce along the line, more jobs, humanitarian approach to controlling border crossings, more jobs, with a moral bonus of simply not being evil to our fellow humans. After that’s set up, then anyone crossing elsewhere is pretty much actually begging for trouble and maybe should get sterner treatment.

Where am I wrong on this? What would need fixing? What would a better idea look like?