About that feckless c…lass-blind Ivanka


There’s a library of feminist theses waiting to be written about this recent episode of earned opprobrium.

At the moment, while the world is hanging on the c-word, I’m just wondering one thing and one thing only. The progeny that Trump would date (objectifying her no more than he himself has) has the president’s ear, the ear of a president who boasts about grabbing pussies, the president who had Ted Nugent over for a little visit, never mind that time he called HRC a toxic c***. One can only assume that she will hear about the insult and the ensuing media uproar, pro and con. She will hear of it.

Will she prove Samantha Bee at least half-right by remaining feckless?

Of course she will, but now she has fewer excuses. The world is watching and waiting, c…ashbags.