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Horrible things said and done by Donald and his Administration – April, 2018

In April, Donald’s awful behavior hit new records with respect to his adultery, race-baiting that specifically targeted immigrants from Central America and the Caribbean, and new policies that are anti-environment and pro-pollution.

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Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels (Image Credit: Reuters)

April 2018 saw 129 unique instances of loathsome behavior by Donald, his Administration, and key allies like personal lawyer Michael Cohen. This is an increase from 100 instances in March and 104 in February, likely because I had more time to read the news in April, and the total number has risen to nearly 1200 since last July. April saw a another record in the number of articles about Donald’s adultery, a large percentage increase in the amount of race baiting (per Merriam-Webster online, “the unfair use of statements about race to try to influence the actions or attitudes of a particular group of people”), and a new record number of attacks on clean air and clean water by Donald’s Administration.

Donald was in the news six times for his adultery in April, the largest number of instances and the highest percentage (4.7%) to date. While six instances may not seem like much, two are of significant importance because they prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that Donald is a liar. On April 5, Donald claimed that he was unaware of his lawyer’s $130,000 hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels. But on April 26, Donald admitted that Michael Cohen represented him in that hush money payment and that Donald reimbursed the payment. It’s been clear for years that Donald is a liar, but generally his lies take a little longer to be exposed, and they usually take the efforts of others to uncover. In this case, Donald exposed his lies himself, and only three weeks apart.

Immigrant “caravan” in April 2018 (Image Credit: Buzzfeed, Luc Forsyth)

April saw a the largest number of instances of race baiting to date, both in raw number of instances (11) and as a percentage of the total examples of appalling behavior (8.5%). Donald’s Administration has asked a judge to open up Harvard University’s admission records in a racial bias case that seeks to undermine anti-discrimination policies that generally favor blacks, Hispanics, and/or Native Americans to the supposed detriment of Asian-Americans and whites at universities around the country. Donald attacked the “caravans” of immigrants that are organized by human rights activists every year in hopes that some or all of the immigrants will be legally granted asylum from gang violence and domestic abuse in their home countries – but conveniently left out the purpose of the “caravan”s (and thus moved from mere immigrant-hating into actual race baiting). And in his response to California Governor Jerry Brown’s refusal to grant unrestricted use of the California National Guard to help secure the Mexico border, Donald blamed California’s high crime rate on undocumented immigrants at the same time as h threatened not to pay California for the National Guard’s border work. And all this race baiting is in addition to Donald’s generally racist and dehumanizing behavior toward immigrants in general, and Central American and Caribbean immigrants in particular.

A duck covered in oil following an oil spill (Image Credit: Log Cabin Democrat, Courtney Spradlin)

Finally, Donald gave us nine instances of pro-pollution policies, 7% of the 129 total instances of appalling behavior. In an action that directly attacks one of the first pro-environmental laws passed in the world, the 1918 Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Donald’s Department of the Interior told companies that they would not longer be prosecuted for bird-affecting actions when the action is not specifically intended to affect birds. This means that companies who generate air and water pollution that kills birds (for example, toxic ponds that poison birds that land in them or oil spills) are free to pollute without consequence because the pollution is not intended to affect birds. Donald’s EPA announced that it would be loosening regulations on car and truck air pollution put in place by the Obama Administration. And Scott Pruitt blocked the EPA from using science where the data isn’t public knowledge from being used to justify regulations. This new policy eliminates broad swaths of scientific knowledge from consideration by regulators because it’s based on privately gathered data, such as public health research into the effects of pollution on asthma using insurance company data and climate research based on freely provided but protected data from foreign governments. This policy was announced as a data transparency issue, but is actually intended to destroy the EPA’s ability to regulate nearly everything.

In the month of April, 2018, I identified 129 unique items that met one or more of my 51 categories (see below for a complete list).

Date Link Categories
4/1/18 Trump threatens Democrats, Mexico over DACA and border security lying, hypocrisy, racism, immigrant-hating, race baiting, demagoguery, propagandist
4/1/18 Ousted Shulkin rejects White House claim he resigned VA job lying
4/2/18 ‘No more DACA deal,’ Trump says as he threatens to ‘stop’ NAFTA if Mexico doesn’t better secure border immigrant-hating, racism, hypocrisy, lying, equal protection under the law, authoritarianism, social Darwinism, xenophobia, race baiting
4/2/18 Trump defends Sinclair Broadcasting after anchor-promo dustup attacking the media, propagandist, narcissism
4/2/18 Trump endorses states’ rights — but only when he agrees with the state attacking the rule of law, restricting civil liberties, anti-environmentalism, authoritarianism, hypocrisy, lying, equal protection under the law, restricting civil liberties, racism, social Darwinism, anti-science, polluted air/water
4/2/18 Trump congratulates Egypt’s Sissi after what critics call a sham election authoritarianism
4/2/18 Legal defense fund for Trump aides under scrutiny by congressional Democrats equal protection under the law, attacking the rule of law, white male privilege
4/2/18 Trump administration sues California over state law on federal land transfers anti-environmentalism, authoritarianism
4/2/18 Trump administration sets quotas for immigration judges immigrant-hating, racism, social Darwinism, splitting up immigrant families, xenophobia
4/2/18 Trump Lawyer Moves to Force Stormy Daniels Case Into Arbitration narcissism, white male privilege, adultery
4/2/18 Wipeout: Human role in climate change removed from science report anti-environmentalism, anti-science, climate change denial, lying, authoritarianism, propagandist
4/2/18 EPA announces easing of car and truck emissions standards anti-environmentalism, anti-science, climate change denial, polluted air, authoritarianism
4/3/18 Pruitt raised pay of two aides after White House declined to approve application: report no business ethics, anti-environmentalism, authoritarianism
4/3/18 Trump says Rasmussen poll results show he’s doing better than ‘Cheatin Obama’ lying, racism, narcissism
4/3/18 Clouds form over Iran deal as Trump deadline nears nuclear proliferation, jingoism, Islamophobia, hypocrisy
4/3/18 Trump said Sinclair ‘is far superior to CNN.’ What we know about the conservative media giant. attacking the media, hypcrisy, lying, authoritarianism, propagandist
4/3/18 Trump Plans to Send National Guard to the Mexican Border authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law, jingoism
4/4/18 President Trump’s claim that Democrats created ‘catch and release’ policies lying, immigrant-hating, racism, propagandist, demagoguery
4/5/18 FCC Chairman Wants to Cut Back Program That Helps Poor People Get Affordable Internet social Darwinism, economic ignorance
4/5/18 Trump Revisits Mexico ‘Rapists’ Remarks in West Virginia Tax Speech dehumanizing the “Other,” racism, lying, eliminating birthright citizenship, immigrant-hating, splitting up immigrant families, propagandist, demagoguery
4/5/18 E.P.A. Officials Sidelined After Questioning Scott Pruitt authoritarianism, hypocrisy
4/5/18 Trump says he didn’t know about Stormy Daniels payment adultery
4/5/18 Homeland Security to Compile Database of Journalists, Bloggers fascism, attacking the media
4/5/18 Trump Cabinet Bible Study Teaches About The ‘False Religion of Radical Environmentalism’ churches back into politics, anti-environmentalism, anti-science
4/6/18 Trade war fears escalate as Trump ups ante economic ignorance
4/6/18 Sessions orders ‘zero tolerance’ policy to prosecute migrants at border authoritarianism, racism, immigrant-hating, social Darwinism, splitting up immigrant families, race baiting, demagoguery, restricting civil liberties, dehumanizing the “other”, crimes against humanity
4/6/18 Trump administration backs Asian-American students in Harvard admissions lawsuit racism, race baiting, equal protection under the law
4/6/18 Trump administration plans major overhaul of civil service system, but no specifics yet restricting civil liberties, authoritarianism, demagoguery
4/7/18 Trump administration seeks authority to intercept drone communications to thwart domestic attacks authoritarianism, police militarization
4/7/18 Trump stands by embattled EPA chief Pruitt in Tweet lying, authoritarianism, propagandist, anti-environmentalism
4/7/18 Trump administration grants license for Taiwan submarine project: report jingoism, China-hating
4/8/18 Incoherent U.S. Policy On Syria Mystifying Allies, Empowering Enemies jingoism, authoritarianism, hypocrisy
4/8/18 Trump denies John Kelly’s influence is diminished attacking the media, lying
4/8/18 Trump Vows China ‘Will Take Down Its Trade Barriers’ China-hating, economic ignorance, narcissism
4/9/18 Betsy DeVos to Oklahoma teachers: ‘Serve the students’ restricting civil liberties, anti-education
4/9/18 U.S. Agencies Agree to Slash Approval Times for Infrastructure Projects anti-environmentalism, authoritarianism
4/9/18 F.B.I. Raids Office of Trump’s Longtime Lawyer Michael Cohen; Trump Calls It ‘Disgraceful’ attacking the rule of law, demagoguery, white male privilege, misogyny, fascism, adultery
4/9/18 Trump administration issues rule further watering down Obamacare strip medical insurance, social Darwinism
4/9/18 White House stands behind Trump voter fraud claims hypocrisy, lying, voting restrictions, propagandist, demagoguery
4/9/18 Trump’s family business issued a not-so-veiled political threat to a foreign president no business ethics, authoritarianism, white male privilege, belittling people
4/9/18 Why Hasn’t John Bolton Disbanded His Fundraising PACs? Conflict-of-Interest Questions Already Dog Trump Staffer no business ethics, attacking the rule of law
4/10/18 White House puts Mueller on notice after raids attacking the rule of law, authoritarianism, Putin/Russia-loving, narcissism
4/10/18 Trump administration bid to unravel bipartisan spending deal faces uphill climb hypocrisy
4/10/18 Exclusive: EPA removes staffer who OK’d report on Pruitt’s security authoritarianism, anti-intellectual, no business ethics
4/10/18 Trump orders top-to-bottom review of welfare programs equal protection under the law, authoritarianism, racism, misogyny, social Darwinism, lying, propagandist
4/11/18 Trump warns Russia on Syria missile threat jingoism, belittling people, propagandist
4/11/18 Video shows U.S. agents trying to dump injured man over Mexican border police brutality, attacking the rule of law, restricting civil liberties, racism, social Darwinism, crimes against humanity
4/11/18 Trump administration argues cutting funding to sanctuary cities and states is legal attacking the rule of law, racism, race baiting, xenophobia, immigrant-hating
4/11/18 Trump administration suspends immigrant legal advice program restricting civil liberties, authoritarianism, immigrant-hating, racism, social Darwinism
4/11/18 Pompeo failed to disclose Chinese business connection hypocrisy, lying, white male privilege
4/11/18 Drug testing plan considered for some food stamp recipients strip medical insurance, racism, social Darwinism
4/11/18 White House Bible Study Led by Pastor Who Is Anti-Gay, Anti-Women and Anti-Catholic anti-gay marriage, homophobia, misogyny, churches back into politics
4/12/18 Who Is Wendy Vitter? Trump’s Judicial Nominee Struggles to Downplay Anti-abortion Views abortion restrictions, racism, misogyny, lying, restricting civil liberties
4/12/18 Trump told his advisors to look at re-entering massive Pacific trade deal China-hating, hypocrisy
4/12/18 Senate approves Trump’s pick for No. 2 at EPA anti-environmentalism, anti-science, polluted air/water, climate change denial
4/13/18 Trump pardons Cheney’s former chief of staff for lying about leaking name of CIA operative attacking the rule of law, authoritarianism, white male privilege, lying, hypocrisy, narcissism
4/13/18 Congress gets DOJ inspector general’s critical report on FBI’s McCabe narcissism, Putin/Russia-loving, demagoguery, lying, fascism
4/13/18 Trump Calls Comey ‘Untruthful Slime Ball’ as Book Details Released hypocrisy, lying, narcissism, belittling people, attacking the rule of law, misogyny, demagoguery, propaganda
4/13/18 The Trump administration has officially clipped the wings of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act anti-environmentalism, anti-science, authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law, polluted water
4/15/18 Syria air strikes: Trump defends claiming ‘mission accomplished’ narcissism, jingoism
4/15/18 Trump attacks ex-FBI director Comey in early morning tweetstorm narcissism, jingoism, misogyny, lying, belittling people, authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law
4/15/18 Without mentioning Mueller, Trump lawyers urge high court to bolster his power to fire executive officials authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law
4/15/18 Trump wants to review material seized from personal lawyer before federal investigators authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law, white male privilege
4/15/18 Incoming Pence staffer withdraws after report Trump tried to block him authoritarianism, narcissism
4/16/18 EPA Chief of Staff Approved Raises for Aides, Watchdog Finds authoritarianism
4/16/18 Trump lawyer forced to reveal another client: Sean Hannity hypocrisy, lying, attacking the media, authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law, propagandist
4/16/18 White House walks back Nikki Haley’s Russia sanctions talk authoritarianism, Putin/Russia-loving, crimes against humanity, hypocrisy
4/16/18 Trump Administration Draws Bipartisan Concerns for Flouting Congress on Federal Prisons Staffing attacking the rule of law, authoritarianism
4/17/18 Trump accuses California’s governor of not protecting border authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law, demagoguery, racism, race baiting
4/17/18 Ryan Zinke refers to himself as a geologist. That’s a job he’s never held. lying, anti-science
4/17/18 Trump administration seeks to transfer unnamed enemy combatant within 72 hours authoritarianism, restricting civil liberties, equal protection under the law
4/17/18 Arming the world: Inside Trump’s ‘Buy American’ drive to expand weapons exports jingoism, social Darwinism
4/17/18 Fox News ‘surprised’ by Hannity’s relationship with Cohen, but stands by him hypocrisy, no business ethics, propagandist
4/18/18 If North Korea Talks Are Not Fruitful, ‘I Will Respectfully Leave,’ Trump Says jingoism, narcissism
4/18/18 Puerto Rico suffers island-wide power outage social Darwinism
4/18/18 Report Says Sean Hannity Linked To Other Trump-Connected Attorneys, Besides Cohen no business ethics, lying, hypocrisy
4/18/18 Trump administration takes aim at World Bank salaries hypocrisy
4/18/18 Nikki Haley is simply not having it misogyny, belittling people
4/18/18 Trump allies urge criminal investigations of Clinton, Comey, Lynch fascism, hypocrisy, demagoguery, propagandist
4/18/18 EPA chief sat in coach when not flying on taxpayer’s dime hypocrisy, authoritarianism, lying
4/19/18 Trump lawyer Michael Cohen drops lawsuits against BuzzFeed, Fusion GPS over Steele dossier lying, no business ethics
4/19/18 Trump Administration Seeks to Expand Sales of Armed Drones authoritarianism, jingoism
4/19/18 Trump administration takes first steps toward drilling in Alaska’s Arctic refuge anti-environmentalism
4/19/18 Trump threatens to cut funding from California troop deployment authoritarianism, hypocrisy, attacking the rule of law, race-baiting, demagoguery
4/19/18 In dramatic vote, with baby, Senate confirms Bridenstine to lead NASA anti-intellectual, anti-science
4/19/18 Trump Adds Giuliani to Legal Team After FBI Raid on Cohen adultery, police brutality
4/19/18 Comey memos detail his version of meetings with Trump, Priebus authoritarianism, narcissism, adultery, belittling people, attacking the media, attacking the rule of law, demagoguery, Putin/Russia-loving
4/20/18 The Trump Administration Just Hatched Another Plan to Buoy Coal and Nuclear authoritarianism, polluted air, anti-environmentalism
4/21/18 Trump mocks DNC lawsuit: ‘Democrats have sued the Republicans for Winning’ propagandist
4/21/18 Trump defends Cohen after NYT report attacking the media, narcissism, misogyny, belittling people, demagoguery, propagandist
4/21/18 Trump Plan Would Cut Back Health Care Protections for Transgender People equal protection under the law, transphobia, strip medical insurance, authoritarianism, churches back into politics, attacking the rule of law, restricting civil liberties
4/22/18 Barbara Bush remembered for her dignity and wit at Houston funeral lying, narcissism
4/22/18 Trump Celebrates Earth Day By Praising Rollback Of Environmental Protections economic ignorance, hypocrisy, anti-environmentalism, anti-science, polluted air/water, demagoguery, propaganda
4/22/18 Kellyanne Conway says asking about her husband’s anti-Trump tweets is a ‘double standard’ demagoguery, hypocrisy
4/22/18 Sean Hannity linked to shell companies that spent $90M on property: report white male privilege, no business ethics, hypocrisy, lying
4/23/18 Trump says may tie Mexican immigration control to NAFTA racism, immigrant-hating, authoritarianism, jingoism
4/23/18 Shutdown of Texas Schools Probe Shows Trump Administration Pullback on Civil Rights racism, social Darwinism, authoritarianism, anti-education, race-baiting, propagandist
4/23/18 Bolton chaired nonprofit that shared false anti-Muslim news: report Islamophobia, lying, racism, Putin/Russia-loving
4/23/18 Trump Administration Supports Changing Indian Health Programs That Will Sabotage Treaty Rights authoritarianism, social Darwinism, racism, xenophobia, attacking the rule of law
4/23/18 Trump ramps up personal cell phone use anti-intellectual, narcissism
4/23/18 Trump Administration Pushes Abstinence in Teen Pregnancy Programs anti-science, social Darwinism, churches back into politics, authoritarianism
4/23/18 Flight Records Illuminate Mystery of Trump’s Moscow Nights lying
4/24/18 Trump’s EPA proposes to block regulators from considering a wide range of scientific studies authoritarianism, lying, propagandist, anti-science, anti-environmentalism, climate change denial, polluted air/water, anti-intellectual
4/24/18 Trump praises Kim Jong Un as honorable, refuses to explain why hypocrisy, propagandist, nuclear proliferation
4/24/18 Mick Mulvaney wants to shut public out of CFPB’s ‘Yelp’ of bank complaints authoritarianism, equal protection under the law, social Darwinism, hypocrisy, no business ethics
4/24/18 The Trump administration again signals it will scrap work permits for H-1B spouses racism, social Darwinism, splitting up immigrant families, immigrant-hating
4/25/18 Trump suggests he could be persuaded to stay in Iran deal jingoism, nuclear proliferation, authoritarianism
4/25/18 Mulvaney discloses ‘hierarchy’ for meeting lobbyists, saying some would be seen only if they paid no business ethics
4/25/18 Carson wants poor to pay more rent, work for assistance social Darwinism, racism, authoritarianism, economic ignorance
4/25/18 Russia cries foul after US inspectors enter shuttered Seattle consulate jingoism, authoritarianism
4/26/18 Trump administration under fire for not contributing to Syria donors conference Islamophobia, jingoism, hypocrisy
4/26/18 Trump administration ends special protections for 9,000 Nepalese immigrants immigrant-hating
4/26/18 Lawmakers grill EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt over ethics scandals, spending no business ethics, hypocrisy, lying, demagoguery
4/26/18 Trump Acknowledges Michael Cohen Represented Him In Stormy Daniels Payment lying, adultery, hypocrisy
4/26/18 Trump’s unwieldy ‘Fox and Friends’ interview, annotated misogyny, jingoism, lying, hypocrisy, narcissism, demagoguery, propagandist, Putin/Russia-loving, attacking the rule of law, belittling people, attacking the media, economic ignorance, fascism, race baiting, restricting civil liberties, anti-semitism, nuclear proliferation, anti-intellectual
4/27/18 Trump and California are set to collide head-on over fuel standards anti-environmentalism, climate change denial, polluted air, authoritarianism
4/27/18 Trump: Comey ‘either very sick or very dumb’ because he ‘can’t define what a leak is’ propagandist, lying, belittling people, hypocrisy, attacking the rule of law, restricting civil liberties
4/29/18 Border fills to capacity as caravan of migrants arrives, officials say equal protection under the law, demagoguery, propagandist, immigrant-hating, racism, race baiting, social Darwinism, xenophobia, lying, belittling people
4/29/18 Michelle Wolf Eviscerated the Trump Administration at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner attacking the media, demagoguery, hypocrisy
4/29/18 Pompeo Urges Unity Among Gulf Countries, Pressure Against Iran hypocrisy, jingoism, propagandist
4/29/18 President Trump blasts Democrats, James Comey and the media in campaign-style rally narcissism, attacking the rule of law, lying, xenophobia, racism, race baiting, immigrant-hating, belittling people, propagandist, demagoguery, authoritarianism, attacking the media
4/29/18 DOJ alters passages on media, racial gerrymandering in internal manual racism, authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law, equal protection under the law, restricting civil liberties
4/29/18 Trump administration targets transgender health care rights transphobia
4/30/18 Trump mulling allowing Jonathan Pollard to come to Israel attacking the rule of law, jingoism
4/30/18 Exclusive: U.S. EPA grants biofuels waiver to billionaire Icahn’s oil refinery – sources hypocrisy, anti-environmentalism, polluted air, no business ethics, white male privilege
4/30/18 Trump Administration Seeks To Bar Immigrants with Disabilities mocking the disabled authoritarianism, equal protection under the law, social Darwinism, immigrant-hating
4/30/18 The Trump administration just sent a dark, threatening message to Kim Jong Un jingoism, nuclear proliferation
4/30/18 The Trump administration has found a new way to crack down on legal weed attacking the rule of law, authoritarianism
4/30/18 Trump Administration Delays Most Tariffs On Steel, Aluminum authoritarianism, jingoism

Horrible categories

Personal morality

  • Adultery
  • Hypocrisy
  • Lying
  • Mocking the disabled (or, more broadly, belittling people)
  • Narcissism
  • Rape
  • Sexual assault (and sexusal harassment)

Miscellaneous bigotry

  • Anti-gay marriage
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Homophobia (and transphobia)
  • Immigrant-hating
  • Islamophobia
  • Misogyny
  • Race baiting
  • Racism
  • Social Darwinism
  • Splitting up immigrant families
  • White male privilege
  • White supremacy
  • Xenophobia (or more broadly, Dehumanizing the Other)

Economic and educational views

  • Anti-Common Core (or more broadly, anti-education)
  • Failed businessman (or more broadly, ignorance about how the economy actually works)
  • Not honoring contracts (or more broadly, No business ethics)
  • Trickle-down economics/lower taxes on the rich

Anti-scientific views

  • Anti-environmentalism
  • Anti-intellectual
  • Anti-science
  • Anti-vaccination
  • Climate change denial
  • Polluted air (or more broadly, polluted air and water)
  • Rejects GMO foods

Social Policy

  • Abortion restrictions
  • Authoritarianism
  • Churches back into politics
  • Demagoguery
  • Police militarization (or more broadly, police brutality)
  • Propagandist
  • School shootings (or more broadly, mass shootings)
  • Strip medical insurance

Anti-civil rights

  • Against fair trials (or more broadly, attacking the rule of law)
  • Easing lawsuits against the media for libel (or more broadly, attacking the media)
  • Eliminating birthright citizenship and equal protection under the law
  • Restricting civil liberties (especially voting restrictions)

Foreign policy and nationalism

  • China-hating
  • Crimes against humanity
  • Fascism
  • Jingoism
  • NATO-hating
  • Nuclear proliferation
  • Putin/Russia-loving