Horrible things said and done by Donald and his Administration – February, 2018

February, 2018 provided 104 examples of appalling behavior by Donald, with two major speeches, multiple credible allegations of adultery, a marked jump in demagoguery, and several horrible responses to the school massacre in Parkland, Florida.

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In February, 2018, I counted 104 unique examples of loathsome behavior by Donald. This was down significantly from January, but it’s difficult to identify whether that’s due to Donald being out of the news more or my own inability to track the various instances as closely as in prior months. Regardless, February saw Donald give two major speeches that each hit over 15 of the 51 categories I track. In addition, Donald’s infidelity rose to its peak (to date) and his demagoguery hit a new record to. But it was his responses to the school massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that best defined Donald’s personal moral, ethical, and intellectual failures in February.

On February 5, Donald visited Ohio and touted his tax “reforms.” In this speech, Donald hit 17 of the 51 categories of horrible behavior. Given his speech was about the tax “cut,” it’s not a surprise that he demonstrated his ignorance of economics, but his speech was also anti-intellectual, anti-environmentalism, belittling, anti-immigrant, and racist. It was demagogic, jingoistic propaganda packed with lies and hypocrisy. It was also fascist and narcissistic in the manner of Benito Mussolini, leader of the Italian Fascist party prior to World War II.

Donald’s speech before the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was arguably worse – less explicitly fascist, for example, but with the most categories of any incident in February – 20 of 51. At CPAC, Donald’s speech was filled with dishonesty, hypocrisy, narcissism, racism, race baiting, immigrant-hating, misogyny, and xenophobia. Donald called for cuts to medical insurance and for arming teachers, justified churches getting directly involved in politics, repeatedly attacked the media, touted his ignorant tax “cuts,” and attacked the rule of law. Donald’s speech was jingoistic, authoritarian, anti-intellectual propaganda, and the CPAC attendees loved it.

For the first time since I started this list, Donald’s serial and repeated infidelities were of interest. There were four unique instances relating to his adultery, but as a percentage, Donald’s infidelities rose from a previous high of about 2% in both January and December to 3.8% in February. Beyond the ongoing Stormy Daniels saga, former Playboy playmate of the year Karen McDougal described to The New Yorker the details of how Donald’s business and legal allies had purchased her silence with respect to her own 2006 affair with Donald. And Ivanka Trump complained about the media asking her opinion about the many, many credible allegations of her father’s repeated adultery.

Donald’s demagoguery again took center stage in February, with 24 examples (the second highest since starting this project) and the highest percentage of unique instances of horrendous behavior yet (23.1%). Of the various examples, Donald’s calling for a military parade in his honor is perhaps the most blatant example of demagoguery (appealing to emotion and prejudice rather than reason), as well as narcissism and jingoism. Donald also regularly attacked the various Russia investigations in his tweets using phrases like “WITCH HUNT!” It wasn’t until after the massacre at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida that Donald’s demagoguery went into high gear, when he rejected active shooter drills because they were too stressful on students, while at the same time promoting the moronic idea of arming teachers to shoot back.

The Parkland massacre drove Donald to exhibit appalling behavior 10 times in February. That was nearly 10% of all the instances of horrible behavior Donald showed. He tweeted thoughts and prayers (excuse me, “prayers and condolences“) at the victims. He endorsed arming teachers. Donald bullied the school resource officer who didn’t go into the school to try and stop the shooting (because a handgun has a snowball’s chance in hell against an AR15…) and claimed that he would have “run in there even if [he] didn’t have a weapon.” And he rejected calls for tighter gun laws and failed to pressure Republicans in Congress to actually do something about school massacres in the US.

In the month of February, 2018, I identified 104 unique items that met one or more of my 51 categories. (see below for a complete list).

Date Link Categories
2/1/18 Trump administration signals move against California desert protection plan anti-environmentalism, hypocrisy, authoritarianism, demagoguery, anti-science
2/2/18 Trump accuses FBI leadership amid row over memo attacking the rule of law, hypocrisy, fascism
2/2/18 Trump administration strips consumer watchdog office of enforcement powers in lending discrimination cases no business ethics, authoritarianism, social Darwinism, racism, white male privilege, lying, equal protection under the law
2/2/18 GOP memo criticizing FBI surveillance is released attacking the rule of law, fascism, propagandist, Putin/Russia-loving
2/2/18 Trump weighs barring U.S. military in South Korea from bringing families jingoism
2/2/18 Trump rips into Kasich at RNC dinner belittling people, narcissism
2/2/18 Pentagon unveils new nuclear weapons strategy, ending Obama-era push to reduce U.S. arsenal nuclear proliferation, jingoism
2/2/18 Why the Trump administration wanted a teen to get a scientifically unproven “abortion reversal” abortion restrictions, authoritarianism, churches back into politics, social Darwinism, misogyny, attacking the rule of law, equal protection under the law, restricting civil liberties, anti-science, immigrant-hating
2/4/18 Paul Ryan deletes tweet that lauded $1.50 pay rise as proof tax bill works white male privilege, demagoguery, trickle-down economics
2/4/18 Exclusive: U.S. consumer protection official puts Equifax probe on ice – sources attacking the rule of law, equal protection under the law, social Darwinism, authoritarianism
2/5/18 Trump says Devin Nunes ‘may someday be recognized as a Great American Hero’ demagoguery, white male privilege, attacking the rule of law
2/5/18 Remarks by President Trump on Tax Reform narcissism, anti-intellectual, hypocrisy, trickle-down economics, churches back into politics, strip medical insurance, anti-environmentalism, economic ignorance, jingoism, demogoguery, propagandist, belittling people, lying, fascism, immigrant-hating, racism, race baiting
2/5/18 Labor Department IG to investigate tip pooling rule authoritarianism, anti-intellectual, no business ethics
2/5/18 After approving Medicaid work requirements, Trump’s HHS aims for lifetime coverage limits social Darwinism, strip medical insurance, racism
2/6/18 Donald Trump calls death of Colts LB Edwin Jackson ‘so disgraceful’ propaganda, immigrant-hating, demagoguery
2/6/18 White House spokesman: Trump has not focused on the stock market lying
2/6/18 House will only consider immigration bill with Trump support: Ryan authoritarianism
2/6/18 Kellyanne Conway’s ‘opioid cabinet’ sidelines drug czar’s experts anti-intellectual, anti-science, hypocrisy, demagoguery
2/6/18 Trump: ‘I’d love to see a shutdown’ over immigration authoritarianism, economic ignorance, propagandist, immigrant-hating
2/6/18 Chief of staff Kelly suggests undocumented immigrants who didn’t sign up for DACA were ‘too afraid’ or ‘too lazy’ racism, demagoguery, belittling people, immigrant-hating, white supremacy
2/6/18 Trump tells Pentagon to explore staging military parade jingoism, narcissism, demagoguery
2/6/18 Jeff Sessions: 16 law and order moves where Trump is following Reagan strip medical insurance, equal protection under the law, lying, immigrant-hating, splitting up immigrant families, homophobia, churches back into politics, anti-gay marriage, attacking the rule of law, hypocrisy, racism, propaganda, demagoguery
2/7/18 FBI texts reveal admiring view of then-director James Comey lying, propaganda
2/7/18 EPA head Scott Pruitt says global warming may help ‘humans flourish’ anti-science, climate change denial
2/8/18 Trump’s National Prayer Breakfast speech infused with God-and-country references Churches back into politics, hypocrisy, Islamophobia
2/8/18 Exclusive: Trump administration may target immigrants who use food aid, other benefits immigrant-hating, racism, social Darwinism, authoritarianism, equal protection under the law
2/8/18 White House says it ‘could have done better’ regarding Porter allegations authoritarianism, white male privilege, misogyny, hypocrisy
2/8/18 Trump touts report Warner attempted to talk to dossier author belittling people, demagoguery, propagandist
2/8/18 Trump administration plan would roll back environmental reviews covering use of public lands anti-environmentalism, anti-science, polluted air/water, authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law
2/9/18 Rob Porter: Trump praises ex-aide accused of domestic abuse misogyny, white male privilege
2/9/18 Pence: ‘No tolerance’ for domestic abuse in Trump administration hypocrisy, lying
2/10/18 Trump won’t declassify Democrats’ memo, citing national security concerns hypocrisy, authoritarianism
2/10/18 Trump tweets argument that he’s been ‘victimized’ by Obama administration narcissism, hypocrisy, attacking the rule of law, demagoguery
2/10/18 Donald Trump’s DACA Tweet Gets it All Wrong lying, propaganda
2/12/18 Trump promises ‘big week’ for infrastructure, eyes foreign aid propaganda, economic ignorance
2/12/18 Trump’s budget balloons deficits, cuts social safety net hypocrisy, jingoism, social Darwinism, anti-education, anti-science, anti-intellectual, authoritarianism, attacking the media, racism
2/12/18 Trump Administration Wants To Decide What Food SNAP Recipients Will Get hypocrisy, racism, propagandist, economic ignorance
2/12/18 Trump’s NASA Budget Would Cancel Space Telescope & 5 Earth Science Missions anti-science, climate change denial
2/12/18 Sessions invokes ‘Anglo-American heritage’ of sheriff’s office racism
2/12/18 Trump administration proposes gutting rule that limits methane emissions at oil rigs anti-science, climate change denial, polluted air
2/12/18 Trump administration proposes big budget increase for Pentagon propagandist, demagoguery, jingoism
2/12/18 Trump administration proposes 8 percent budget cut at National Weather Service, elimination of more than 300 jobs anti-science, lying
2/12/18 Trump Administration Plans To Defang Consumer Protection Watchdog social Darwinism, authoritarianism, lying, racism, no business ethics, attacking the rule of law
2/12/18 FBI Director’s Account Conflicts With White House Timeline Of Porter Investigation lying, authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law
2/13/18 Trump administration wants to sell National and Dulles airports, other assets across U.S. hypocrisy, propagandist, economic ignorance, lying, authoritarianism
2/13/18 FBI director: Chinese spies ‘a whole-of-society’ threat to US China-hating
2/14/18 Stormy Daniels: Trump lawyer admits paying porn star lying, adultery, narcissism
2/14/18 Trump Threatens to Veto Immigration Bills that Don’t Meet His Demands authoritarianism, splitting up immigrant families, immigrant-hating, racism, hypocrisy
2/14/18 Most Charges in ICE Criminal Crackdown Related To Traffic Offenses immigrant-hating
2/14/18 Trump tweets ‘prayers and condolences’ in response to Florida school shooting hypocrisy, school shootings
2/14/18 Trump Administration Battles Sick Kids on Access to Legal Pot authoritarianism, anti-science
2/14/18 A Secretary David Shulkin misused government resources, agency watchdog report says lying, narcissism, no business ethics
2/15/18 Bipartisan DACA, border security deal fails in Senate, putting immigration bill’s future in doubt immigrant-hating, splitting up immigrant families, equal protection under the law, hypocrisy, authoritarianism, xenophobia, racism, race baiting, demogoguery
2/15/18 HUD Funding Takes a Serious Hit in the Trump Administration Budget social Darwinism, racism, equal protection under the law, hypocrisy
2/16/18 Donald Trump, a Playboy Model, and a System for Concealing Infidelity adultery, equal protection under the law, hypocrisy, narcissism
2/16/18 Trump administration recommends steep tariffs on steel and aluminum China-hating, economic ignorance, authoritarianism
2/16/18 Trump administration defends judicial nominee who said same-sex marriage is ‘against God’s plan’ churches back into politics, anti-gay marriage, homophobia, misogyny
2/17/18 The Russia Investigations: Mueller Indicts The ‘Internet Research Agency’ narcissism
2/17/18 Trump Chides McMaster For Saying Evidence Of Russian Interference ‘Incontrovertible’ authoritarianism, belittling people, misogyny, Putin/Russia-loving
2/18/18 Trump lashes out over Russia probe, attacks FBI over Florida shooting attacking the rule of law, authoritarianism, lying, anti-intellectual, Putin/Russia-loving
2/19/18 Trump slams ‘insecure’ Oprah hypocrisy, belittling people, misogyny, lying
2/19/18 Trump fumes about Russia investigation as nation mourns narcissism, school shootings
2/19/18 Trump administration calls for elimination of low-income heating assistance program social Darwinism, racism, economic ignorance
2/20/18 Trump moves to outlaw ‘bump stocks,’ considers other steps after Florida shooting lying, hypocrisy, school shootings, propagandist, demagoguery
2/20/18 Trump urges Republicans to challenge new Pennsylvania congressional map that’s more favorable to Democrats authoritarianism, voting restrictions, equal protection under the law, demagoguery
2/21/18 Trump accuser says the president ‘should be afraid’ adultery, narcissism, sexual assault, misogyny, attacking the media
2/21/18 Trump plan: Less health insurance for lower premiums strip medical insurance, economic ignorance, social Darwinism, equal protection under the law, hypocrisy
2/21/18 Trump Administration Wants to Slash Funding for Earthquake Early Warning Program anti-science, authoritarianism, social Darwinism, racism, lying
2/21/18 A Government Scientist Resigned in Protest After the Trump Administration Demanded Sensitive Oil Data anti-science, authoritarianism, anti-intellectual
2/21/18 Trump endorses guns for teachers to stop shootings school shootings, demagoguery, anti-education, social Darwinism
2/21/18 Trump used crib notes at White House listening session on school shootings narcissism
2/21/18 Trump attacks Attorney General Jeff Sessions again, this time over Obama and Russian meddling lying, Putin/Russia-loving, authoritarianism, hypocrisy
2/21/18 Kushner-Kelly divide deepens over security clearance overhaul authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law
2/22/18 Trump Promotes Arming Teachers, but Rejects Active Shooter Drills school shootings, anti-education, hypocrisy, propagandist, demagoguery
2/22/18 Trump Says He May Pull Immigration Enforcement From California authoritarianism, demagoguery, narcissism, racism, social Darwinism
2/22/18 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Will Remove “Nation of Immigrants” From Mission Statement immigrant-hating, jingoism, authoritarianism, xenophobia, restricting civil liberties, equal protection under the law
2/22/18 NRA’s Wayne LaPierre says gun control advocates ‘hate individual freedom’ lying, propaganda, school shootings
2/22/18 Trump administration: Troops can stay in Iraq, Syria indefinitely authoritarianism
2/23/18 Read the full text of Trump’s CPAC speech authoritarianism, demagoguery, propagandist, strip medical insurance, churches back into politics, race baiting, racism, immigrant-hating, xenophobia, anti-intellectual, jingoism, lying, hypocrisy, narcissism, misogyny, trickle-down economics, economic ignorance, attacking the media, attacking the rule of law
2/23/18 White House alerted 2 weeks ago to ongoing issues in Jared Kushner’s security clearance narcissism, attacking the rule of law, authoritarianism, hypocrisy
2/23/18 Trump administration to open U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem in May. Palestinians criticize move as illegal and irresponsible Islamophobia,
2/23/18 Exclusive: U.S. prepares high-seas crackdown on North Korea sanctions evaders – sources jingoism, nuclear proliferation, authoritarianism
2/23/18 Trump’s family planning grants emphasize abstinence, other conservative priorities churches back into politics, anti-science, anti-intellectual, misogyny, social Darwinism, equal protection under the law, abortion restrictions, authoritarianism, demagoguery, propagandist
2/24/18 The Trump administration is turning its back on Iranian Christians hypocrisy, immigrant-hating, xenophobia,
2/25/18 Trump campaign emails photo of Parkland survivor, asks for donations narcissism, authoritarianism, propagandist
2/26/18 In Russia probes, Republicans draw red line at Trump’s finances hypocrisy, lying, white male privilege, no business ethics
2/26/18 Dozens of public lands advocates say Trump administration ‘shut them out’ authoritarianism, anti-environmentalism, anti-science
2/26/18 Trump rips officers over Florida shooting: ‘I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon’ narcisissim, school shootings, belittling people, demagoguery
2/26/18 Ivanka Trump: ‘I believe my father’s denials’ of sexual misconduct adultery, sexual harassment
2/26/18 Trump administration forcibly separating asylum-seekers from their children, ACLU claims authoritarianism, immigrant-hating, racism, splitting up immigrant families
2/26/18 Trump administration fights states’ crackdown on student loan collectors hypocrisy, no business ethics, authoritarianism
2/27/18 Russia Russia Russia: Donald Trump’s early morning tweets reveal his ongoing obsession attacking the rule of law, narcissism, Putin/Russia-loving, demagoguery, propagandist
2/27/18 Supreme Court Ruling Means Immigrants Could Continue To Be Detained Indefinitely equal protection under the law, restricting civil liberties, attacking the rule of law, authoritarianism, immigrant-hating, anti-intellectual
2/27/18 In Russia probe, Hope Hicks refuses to answer questions about Trump administration authoritarianism
2/27/18 The Trump administration reportedly might allow Saudi Arabia to enrich uranium in nuclear deal nuclear proliferation, hypocrisy
2/27/18 US official: I was demoted for rejecting Ben Carson’s costly office revamp narcissism, hypocrisy, belittling people, authoritarianism, no business ethics, equal protection under the law
2/27/18 US cyber chief says Trump hasn’t told him to confront Russian cyber threat Putin/Russia-loving, restricting civil liberties
2/27/18 Congressional Republicans reject calls for tighter gun restrictions in wake of Florida shooting school shootings, anti-science, propagandist
2/27/18 Trump administration says it’s cutting aid to Cambodia over democracy rollbacks authoritarianism, hypocrisy
2/28/18 California braces for Trump’s ‘border wall hallucination tour’ immitgrant-hating, xenophobia, narcissism, authoritarianism
2/28/18 Sessions defends himself after Trump bashed him on Twitter authoritarianism, attacking the rule of law, demagoguery, propagandist, belitting people
2/28/18 Republican congressman suggests Jews could have saved themselves from Holocaust if they were armed mass shootings, anti-intellectual, propagandist, demagoguery
2/28/18 Trump administration dissolves EPA office that tests effects of chemical exposure on adults and children social Darwinism, anti-environmentalism, anti-science, authoritarianism, lying
2/28/18 Hope Hicks to Resign as White House Communications Director lying, narcissism, propagandist, authoritarianism

Horrible categories

Personal morality

  • Adultery
  • Hypocrisy
  • Lying
  • Mocking the disabled (or, more broadly, belittling people)
  • Narcissism
  • Rape
  • Sexual assault (and sexusal harassment)

Miscellaneous bigotry

  • Anti-gay marriage
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Homophobia (and transphobia)
  • Immigrant-hating
  • Islamophobia
  • Misogyny
  • Race baiting
  • Racism
  • Social Darwinism
  • Splitting up immigrant families
  • White male privilege
  • White supremacy
  • Xenophobia (or more broadly, Dehumanizing the Other)

Economic and educational views

  • Anti-Common Core (or more broadly, anti-education)
  • Failed businessman (or more broadly, ignorance about how the economy actually works)
  • Not honoring contracts (or more broadly, No business ethics)
  • Trickle-down economics/lower taxes on the rich

Anti-scientific views

  • Anti-environmentalism
  • Anti-intellectual
  • Anti-science
  • Anti-vaccination
  • Climate change denial
  • Polluted air (or more broadly, polluted air and water)
  • Rejects GMO foods

Social Policy

  • Abortion restrictions
  • Authoritarianism
  • Churches back into politics
  • Demagoguery
  • Police militarization (or more broadly, police brutality)
  • Propagandist
  • School shootings (or more broadly, mass shootings)
  • Strip medical insurance

Anti-civil rights

  • Against fair trials (or more broadly, attacking the rule of law)
  • Easing lawsuits against the media for libel (or more broadly, attacking the media)
  • Eliminating birthright citizenship and equal protection under the law
  • Restricting civil liberties (especially voting restrictions)

Foreign policy and nationalism

  • China-hating
  • Crimes against humanity
  • Fascism
  • Jingoism
  • NATO-hating
  • Nuclear proliferation
  • Putin/Russia-loving

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