Have hate speech and money? Facebook wants YOU


To Lord Vader’s credit, he’s more consistent than Facebook.

Call it out in no uncertain terms? Get banned. Nice strategy, Facebook.

It’s hard to imagine many people are unaware of Facebook and it’s numerous failures to actually understand content moderation. Women have been blocked for posting images of breastfeeding. Misogynists post with near impunity. Anecdotally, I’ve reported historically anti-Semitic images and been notified that the caricature posted by some jackass or other didn’t violate community standards.


This, apparently, doesn’t violate community standards.

Enter Oneway. Some threeper-loving nitwit who probably soils his sheets while fantasizing about citizen sovereignty apparently used to run a loser social media site called wampum that failed. Knowing their base, maybe spelling got in the way. So recently he gave it a facelift and called it the name mentioned above. I’d never have heard about it at all if he hadn’t paid Facebook for advertising and if Facebook hadn’t seen fit to run that ad past my eyeballs.


They might call it Oneway, but this is far more appropriate.

Tired of being censored? No wonder this caught my eye. One just about needs to be a woman, a person of color, gay, or Jewish (or an advocate for any of the above) to get censored on Facebook.

YouTube? Twitter? You really have to screw the pooch to get moderated into silence on those platforms, unless, of course, it’s YouTube and you use your own music or video. Then you’re likely to get demonetized because you’re infringing on your own IP. Twitter still can’t find it’s way clear to blocking the Abomination in Chief.

Patreon? Okay, by now it should be abundantly clear that if one is searching for a no-censorship solution to getting blocked by the above gaggle of social media platforms, it’s a simple failure of human decency causing the problem. But hey, even evil people need a place to consort and, as I understand it, the price of admission to hell is death.

One might have noticed I gave their ad a bit of a facelift…an apt one, I should think. Noway presents itself as “human friendly.” It’s a “free speech” platform, you see. It’s Facebook and the rest that are evil. Well, they might not be entirely wrong on that point, but as a fellow scrogue is prone to say, it’s important to be right for the right reasons. These troglodytes aren’t even close. Anti-human? Also maybe true, unless one counts the ways social media has actually helped propel human decency to the forefront. Arab Spring, anyone?

Anti-American? Is there anything more American than capitalism run amok at the expense of human widgets? Remember, we’re not customers if we’re not paying. We’re the product. At least Patreon slips that particular leash.

Perverted? Okay, now whichever goon wrote that copy is just pulling words from his nethers. Destroying families, our country, our souls? Egads, this must be a site meant for the sort that’s so fearful they’re afraid there’s a trans person in every bathroom and a copy of Dungeons & Demons or some such under every bed.

With a sales pitch like that, who wouldn’t want to join Noway to take back their libbety?

The slug under the ad is just another set of stretching exercises. If someone is having trouble at imgur, maybe don’t post images of swastika-tatted pudenda or whatever it takes to cross the line. Medium? Again with the stretch. We’re not talking about a crowd prone to long reads, much less long-form writing. Reddit? Against free speech? WTH? Last I checked, you pretty much need to be 4chan to be worse than what Reddit finds tolerable.

Now, I’m a curious soul. And I’m also not afeared of dropping some horribly ugly words in print, all in the spirit of Harlan Ellison. If you want to reveal ugliness in all its infernal glory, don’t whitewash that shit. People shake their heads at n-bombs. Say nigger, and you have their attention. There are some folks for whom that is never acceptable, even used in the manner I propose. Sorry, bub. The world is ugly about one thin layer of pigment underneath the surface, and I’m here with a wire brush to strip the lipstick off this pig. If I’m going to call out the stench of human depravity, I’m going to call shit shit and not tiptoe through the minefield.

It’s amazing what the approach can lay bare.


I might not be the best writer, but FFS.

Would you believe I got crickets for that? It wasn’t reported. It wasn’t yanked. I poked that bear as hard as I could so I could make it stand up and reveal itself. Nothing. What’s the point in posting here about that? Horrible people will be horrible. No amount of attention will stop that. There’s no sense in giving them free advertising. But I do love a chance to mock and impugn, and it’s hard to mock a “free speech” site when they let the ugliest you’ve got slide by without so much as batting an eye.

I gave it time.

Two days later, I went back and replied to their post again.


As I said in that first retort, people can judge for themselves.


Of course I was going to rant. If the shoe fits…




Initially I was only going to refer to them as Noway, but I had a surprise waiting for me when I got home from work today…a 24 hour block on posting at Facebook. Apparently some “free speech” advocate couldn’t stomach getting called out in no uncertain terms. So now I’m not only lazy about not changing Oneway to Noway, I’m mocking Oneway by name. By all means, go check them out. If it’s not yet a cesspool of sovereign threeper Jade Helm fearin’ by golly good red-letter ignoring so-called Christians who have some fine people comfortably in their midst, give it a minute. Because speech is free there, unless one has the temerity to call out how they use the privilege.

And Facebook? Yeah. You have to pay for that speech.

Irony Update #1: Apparently, being banned on Facebook means that you’re unable to post, but by all means, please still feel free to log in and view their advertising.

Irony Update #2: When I first got the ban, my first stop was at the Oneway page. As of that moment in time, already banned, that horrifying Ellison-inspired comment by way of peeling back the mask of the racism they’ll tolerate was still there. I actually entertained the notion that it might not even have been the Oneway admin, but a delicate user who reserves the right to be racist but not have it revealed for them. The comment is now missing, which I only discovered when I went back to remove it myself, just to see if that would be permitted under the ban.

For what it’s worth, the admin of the site is easy enough to identify. The curious soul who might think me a bit too forward, perhaps, can see for themselves what sort of person the admin reveals himself to be. Look him up, then tell me how likely I am to be mistaken in any of the above suppositions.

Update, the Last: Facebook made the mistake of asking why I might think the ban is in error. I wonder if they’ll appreciate my response.

I accept the block because the language I chose to use to a particular purpose was over the top, by design. I cannot help but to notice, however, that whoever reviewed the post has absolutely no sense of context whatsoever. The page to which I was replying is advertising a new competing social media site that promises to be an absolute hotbed of hate speech. Look at the admin of that page. Look at his profile. And ask yourself if you don’t see exactly where the site he created is headed, especially when you see the way he chose to advertise his site on your platform. And by the way, you’d do well to read Harlan Ellison, whom I referenced in a subsequent and not-deleted comment. He went on far worse than I did for a longer paragraph, to explicitly illustrate how horrible racism is. You take ad money from a hate speech platform and block the person who intelligently opposes it on its own merits. Then again, I’ve reported anti-Semitic caricatures being posted and have been told that wasn’t in violation of community standards, so this current ban is completely unsurprising. I’ve blogged about this to some extent previously and again today. My few thousand eyeballs won’t compare to your billion users, but they represent something…a public that knows what a moral cesspool Facebook has been and continues to be.

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  1. Frank Balsinger as I your article I was thinking to myself this a democrat liberal trying to sound like a Republican! You were quick to try to shame/ embarrass or humiliate the person your were conversing with! And I can assure you conserative thought and free speech are not safe by any means. Only liberal views are spewed with impunity. I’m under a 30 day suspension for posting a meme. It said Fascistbook Bias with the definition of Fascist and Biased. Then posted a sign that read…you can’t walk with god while holding hands with the devil!!! That both are points of Fact!!! I also while researching facebook found 100’s of complaints filed against Facebook for censoring and squashing rebublican/conservative users. The clincher was when you said your free speech was safe on facebook! Only for liberals and democrats. For any opposing view/or opinion it is not. There is an old saying…people don’t change they only reveal who they really are! Oh btw I’m not a person of color, gay, activist or advocate for anyone. So your whole shaming and insulting thing you did was so far from reality it’s not even funny!!! You can’t be so open that your brains fall out!

    • It really is a tragedy that here in 2019 there’s simply no place one can go to spout “conservative,” racist, and nativist hate language. Seriously, I can’t recall the last time I opened my browser and saw anything but clean, scrubbed and approved liberal speech.

      I hope in 2020 we can finally elect a president who will champion true freedom of speech.