The kids are alright: Wayne LaPierre’s unhinged call to treason. Literally.


The NRA is so frightened of a future where the kids are heard they’re willing to tear down all the bullshit they purport to hold dear to stop them.


PARKLAND, Fl. — When Nikolas Cruz started shooting last week, an armed deputy stationed at the Florida school rushed to the building. But instead of going inside, the officer waited outside for four minutes as the shooter killed students and faculty behind the walls, authorities said.

School resource officer Scot Peterson “never went in” despite taking a position on the west side of the Building 12, where most of the carnage happened, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said Thursday.

So, the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun. Or something.


Trapped with TV news yesterday morning, I got to watch Wayne LaPierre give the NRA’s response to the Parkland shooting to his assembled faithful at CPAC. From someone approaching “old guy” status, I’m rooting for the kids because they clearly have some of the most rotten old, white men of America running scared right now.

The shtick was pretty much standard issue for the NRA, but he looked a helluva lot less confident blaming celebrities, Mexicans, mental health, and even the FBI than he normally does. Apparently, the answer to school shootings is to turn schools into prisons with armed guards. They can do this by calling the NRA, who will make it happen for free. I’m sure the answer to our problem with kids getting shot up while at school is to make sure there are Wayne LaPierres in every hallway ready to shoot back. It is almost impossible that some dumbfuck playing hero will accidentally shoot more kids right?

After his nervous water drinking, my favorite part was the classic “politicization of the issue” argument by someone who just blamed Democrats for school shootings. He went so far as to claim that the good, old Democrats like Tip O’Neil and JFK – the ones who believed in capitalism and the Constitution – are being replaced through the nefarious machinations of Obama by “European style socialists.” He stopped even talking about guns, just the danger of Democrats.

My new rule is that if someone worries that an issue is being politicized, they’re either already politicizing it or about to do so.

And then it descended into a place you wouldn’t expect, given that there are no “European style socialists” with any power to do anything right now. With a lapdog president and both houses of Congress, the head of the NRA started his revolutionary (i.e. treasonous) rant with “we the people are in charge.” This led straight into attacking the intelligence agencies as inept and corrupt – yes, even an idiot stumbles into truthtelling periodically. But don’t fear, “real America,” did you know that the NRA is the “largest law enforcement organization in America”? That was Wayne’s segue into quietly calling for an armed revolution, since he tied it to how terrible the FBI is. Again, I agree, but his hinting that rank and file FBI/law enforcement shouldn’t follow orders is pretty much the definition of inciting revolution.

Let’s be very clear. Because he’s afraid of teenagers who’ve spent their whole lives practicing for one of Wayne’s nut-job minions to start shooting up their school, and in this case had to live through the reality, Wayne LaPierre and the NRA are calling on officers of the state to rise up against that state and disobey orders and oaths.

Wayne is so frightened of a future where these kids are heard that he’s willing to tear down all the bullshit he purports to hold dear to stop them.

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  1. I agree with your overall sentiment, Lex, but having just typed in all 4248 words of his speech (including notes for applause and video cueing and the opening lyrics), I think there’s a whiff of stretch. The dog whistle was sort of there, but he gives the plausible deniability at the end,

    “Let’s be clear. We are never talking about an armed resistance against the socialist corruption of our government. We are always talking about a resistance armed with the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights in our country.”

    What I got out of the lawful orders BS was just rank hypocrisy. He’s not the type to lionize Snowden or Manning for seeing something and saying the shit out of it, after all.

    I almost got it from his comment, “we’re one of the largest law enforcement organizations in the United States, if you look at our membership,” but not quite. What I mainly saw was hot air and bootlicking. Let’s say the local BBQ club had most of the local police in it, would that make the BBQ club a law enforcement organization? He’s just stealing credibility that’s not his.

    Getting a solid # for number of cops in the US is well-nigh impossible it seems. Quick n’ dirty estimate: 900,000 or more.

    If I’m generous and round to a million in his argument’s favor, it’s unfair to the next number.

    Getting a solid # for number of cops in the NRA is even more difficult. They’re not exactly transparent about that. Maybe 845,000?

    In any case, 55,000 (or more) (or 155,000…or more if I’m generous with estimating 1 million total LEOs) cops don’t think NRA membership is a choice worth making. I guess those men and women who put their lives on the line every day don’t count as much to la Pierre.

    So, if we’re generous after all since 100,000 meaningless cops is a rounding error when the number is already 55,000 strong, and if NRA membership is 5 million, LEOs are, at best, 20% of their membership.

    How many bakers would it take to make the NRA a baking organization?

    There was also nothing in there about the NRA making hardened schools happen for free. I suspect that what they make happen free is that I call the # he talked about, ask for what they have, and dollars to donuts, it’s a PDF. I’ll report back after I try.

    la Pierre also talked about following lawful orders. That’s a pretty important distinction.

    We agree so much more than not on the quality of his speech that it’ll probably take me 50,000 words to show how much. I’ll let you know when that’s done, too.

    • I was watching in a hotel breakfast area, so all I said was from memory. However, that he get the need to give himself plausible deniability shows that he did mean revolution. Nobody needs him to tell them they have the right/duty to disobey unlawful orders. He’s saying it for a reason and paired with blaming the FBI for a school shooting, its telling. More telling given the current right-wing crusade against the FBI/DOJ for investigating President Dumblefuck and his minions.