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Dead kids and funhouse mirrors


If 17 matter here but not 50,000 there, it’s not about kids

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Yes, I think 17 dead kids is pretty friggin’ tragic, maybe even preventable if we compare all the apples to all the oranges. And it’s damned handy during an election year…damned handy indeed, for both parties.

It’s the gun grabbers vs. those who only understand rights sorta kinda when the rights are theirs and not someone else’s. Even when I agree with the gun crowd on the gun issue, it’s impossible to take their side for that very reason. A right is a right. No right is absolute when it conflicts with the rights of other people. Voting? Throw every conceivable hurdle in the way. Speech? Defend it if it’s Confederates and Nazis and Jesus in name only but crickets the rest of the time.

Bad, bad optics.

But Dems? I’m used to being ignored on Facebook. At this rate, it’s my stock in trade, and I get paid accordingly…zilch. Kinda like here, but here I’ve got a much greater cricket reach. For the sake of 17 kids here, and 20 there, and all too many there, there, and there, I’m supposed to believe that the Dem party has cornered the market on caring about kids, but I remember a damned inconvenient thing, and this is just one damned inconvenient thing from among a great many damned inconvenient things that lasted for eight damned long, inconvenient years, and we were expected to double down on that with Hillary for at least another four.

Show me the bold, strong Dems who stood in saccharine unity to take Obama to the mat over this.

Also: “The war in Yemen has killed or injured more than 5,000 children and left another 400,000 severely malnourished and fighting for their lives, according to the UN children’s agency.”


That’s 5,000 killed or injured. That’s not the 50,000 expected to die of malnutrition resulting from a war we supported under Obama.

I know I shared my rancid opinions about our support of Saudi Arabia in this atrocity. *crickets* Maybe one or two others I know shared similar sentiments. It’s inconvenient to see these things. It’s more inconvenient to point them out to party faithful who feel they have the moral high ground to call others evil when this is what they endorse with their silent complicity.

Pro-tip: When seen through this lens, it puts the lie to any of today’s Dem talking points actually being about “the kids.” And if it is, well, that’s the taste of “American exceptionalism” we’re supposed to hate. Consistent much?

I expect this will be ignored, too. I’m used to it. There’s two reflections in this funhouse mirror. One is of a gadfly. We’re an unpopular lot for a reason. The other is of a party and its enablers who collectively ignore 50,000 dead kids when they’re politically inconvenient and still expect to be taken seriously about kids. Personally, I’d rather account for the one than the other, but hey, that’s just me.

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  1. I’ve tried to reach any number of mainstream Dem voters with any number or arguments, including the Obama/Clinton warhawk axis. To no avail. I get told I have to be pragmatic, that I have to understand what Obama was up against in DC, etc.

    I inch closer and closer to closing up shop politically with each passing day. If somebody offers me a job I can live on in a country where they speak English….