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The women march on

I used to work with her. She called me recently to ask how I’d gotten disability for the injuries I suffered in an abusive marriage. She had similar injuries, received the same way mine were, and she had questions about SSDI.

We met for coffee today to celebrate her acceptance for SSDI. We are both military mothers, but we only talked about that a bit. Instead, in a cafe full of people, we talked about our injuries and the men who caused them, how they’d smashed our heads into walls, about PTSD and how it has damaged our memories, about nightmares and hallucinations. We compared the many prescription drugs we’re on and we compared our therapists.

Now we are officially friends and plan to meet for coffee weekly. How strange it is that we women so often end up bonding over injuries obtained in the wars at home. Still, we keep moving as best we can.

Here is a video of one of the moving women at a women’s march this week.