167 ways (so far) we know Donald has always been and continues to be a racist


That Donald is a racist has been obvious to anyone paying attention. His referring to Africa and Haiti as “shitholes” is merely the latest evidence.

Yesterday, Donald called Haiti and the entirety of Africa “shithole countries.” Donald’s language is hardly surprising from a man who was clearly racist before he won the Republican 2016 primary, was clearly racist going into the general election, and probably won the election in part because he is racist.

I’ve been tracking Donald’s words and deeds, as well as those of his Administration and key VIPs, since July 1, 2017. Between then and December 31, 2017, I tracked 708 instances of horrible behavior including, but not limited to, many examples of racism. In that time, I’ve counted 75 instances of immigrant hating and 142 examples of racism. Due to overlap between the categories (most, but not all, of the instances of immigrant-hating are also instances of racism), the total number of instances is 167.

Put another way, 23.6% of the instances horrible behavior I documented over the last six months were racist or demonstrated a hatred of immigrants.

Immigrant-hating and racism by Donald and his Administration, July through December 2017

The following is a complete list of each time that I recorded Donald or his people being racist or hating immigrants.

Date Link
7/11/17 Boston hospital protests Iranian researcher’s airport detention
7/12/17 Attorney General Jeff Sessions Delivers Remarks at the 30th DARE Training Conference
7/13/17 Trump says Mexico wall doesn’t need to cover the whole border
7/13/17 DREAMer protections face demise soon by federal courts
7/18/17 Jeff Sessions wants police to take more cash from American citizens
7/20/17 Foreign-born recruits, promised citizenship by the Pentagon, flee the country to avoid deportation
7/28/17 Trump’s speech encouraging police to be ‘rough,’ annotated
8/2/17 Trump backs plan that would curb legal immigration
8/3/17 Attorney general threatens to punish Stockton, San Bernardino and other ‘sanctuary cities’
8/7/17 Sessions blasts Rahm Emanuel over sanctuary suit
8/8/17 Justice Department reverses position to support Ohio purging inactive voters in high-profile case
8/8/17 Trump says he’ll beat opioid epidemic with law-and-order approach
8/8/17 Remarks by President Trump Before a Briefing on the Opioid Crisis
8/12/17 Trump blames ‘many sides’ after violent white supremacist rally in Virginia
8/14/17 Trump ‘Seriously Considering’ a Pardon for Sheriff Joe Arpaio
8/15/17 Controversial Trump Aide Katharine Gorka Helped End Funding For Group That Fights White Supremacy
8/15/17 Trump’s retweet storm: A Pizzagate conspiracy theorist, a train hitting CNN, and accusations of fascism
8/15/17 Trump blames ‘both sides’ for Charlottesville violence
8/16/17 The Latest: VA secretary defends Trump remarks
8/16/17 Bannon says US locked in ‘economic war’ with China, slams White House colleagues
8/16/17 US Ends Program for Central American Minors Fleeing Violence
8/16/17 President’s lawyer jumps into racial controversy by forwarding inflammatory email
8/16/17 Sessions, in Miami, Bashes Chicago’s Sanctuary Policies
8/17/17 Trump mourns loss of ‘beautiful statues and monuments’ in wake of Charlottesville rally over Robert E. Lee statue
8/20/17 Mnuchin says he’s staying at Treasury, defends Trump after classmates’ call to resign
8/21/17 Trump Administration Moves to Expand Deportation Dragnet to Jails
8/23/17 President Trump Ranted For 77 Minutes in Phoenix. Here’s What He Said
8/24/17 Trump retweets image of him covering up Obama in ‘best eclipse ever’
8/26/17 Trump asked Sessions about closing case against Arpaio, an ally since ‘birtherism’
8/28/17 Trump Eyed ‘Far Higher’ Ratings in Pardoning Joe Arpaio as Hurricane Hit
8/28/17 9th Circuit hears fight over interpretation of Trump travel ban
8/28/17 Trump Administration Adds Extra Hurdle for Green Cards
8/30/17 Trump Administration Puts on Hold an Obama-Era Desegregation Effort
8/31/17 Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin just put Harriet Tubman’s role on the $20 bill in question
9/1/17 Trump administration downsizes HBCU conference
9/2/17 Justice Department: No evidence Trump Tower was wiretapped
9/4/17 EPA now requires political aide’s sign-off for agency awards, grant applications
9/5/17 Trump Ends DACA, Calls On Congress To Act
9/5/17 Trump administration won’t save Obama-era overtime rule
9/6/17 The Trump administration’s claim that DACA ‘helped spur’ the 2014 surge of minors crossing the border
9/11/17 Trump administration reportedly backs off proposal to strengthen homes in flood zones
9/11/17 Trump administration appeals to Supreme Court on refugee ban
9/12/17 Homeland Security waives environmental review for California border project
9/13/17 Trump administration sued over phone searches at U.S. borders
9/13/17 White House says Jemele Hill calling Trump a racist is a ‘fireable offense.’ Trump once called Obama a racist.
9/13/17 U.S. Will Not Issue Some Visas in Four Nations in Deportation Crackdown
9/14/17 The Trump Administration Plans to End a Refugee Program for Children
9/14/17 Trump administration backs bill to halt aid to Palestinians
9/14/17 President Trump Stands By Original Charlottesville Remarks
9/14/17 Trump Says ‘No Deal’ Was Reached With Democrats to Extend DACA
9/17/17 Shrink at least 4 national monuments and modify a half-dozen others, Zinke tells Trump
9/17/17 Trump administration committed to fighting hate crimes, official says
9/18/17 Trump Administration Rejects Study Showing Positive Impact of Refugees
9/20/17 Under latest health-care bill, red states would benefit disproportionately
9/20/17 Trump Administration Considering Even Lower Refugee Limits
9/20/17 H-1B applications receiving extra scrutiny under Trump administration, data shows
9/23/17 Donald Trump rips NFL, says owners should cut any players who kneel during anthem
9/25/17 Trump administration announces new travel restrictions
9/25/17 People Are Worried About DHS Plans To Gather Social Media Info
9/26/17 The Trump Administration Is Playing With the Lives of 59,000 Haitians
9/27/17 With Fuel and Water Scarce, Puerto Rico Presses for U.S. Shipping Waiver
9/27/17 Trump sells tax plan as ‘once-in-a-generation’ opportunity
9/29/17 Donald Trump Just Attacked the Mayor of San Juan
9/29/17 Trump Administration Won’t Promise To Fix Puerto Rico’s Infrastructure
10/1/17 Trump sent 18 tweets on Puerto Rico on Saturday. And made things a whole lot worse
10/2/17 White House: Now is not the time to talk about gun control. But ‘if you look to Chicago …’
10/3/17 Trump focuses on optics in Puerto Rico visit
10/3/17 Gun control is ‘compromising our freedoms’: what the White House told allies to say in the wake of Las Vegas massacre
10/4/17 Trump administration backpedals on citizenship for ‘Dreamers’
10/5/17 Conway: Obama’s ATF decided not to regulate bump stocks
10/6/17 Top WH aide’s DACA demands threaten to scuttle legislative fix
10/6/17 Trump administration scales back Obamacare birth control mandate, claims end to ‘attacks on religious liberty’
10/6/17 Sessions issues religious liberty guidance to federal agencies
10/6/17 Trump’s administration deleted data on Puerto Rico’s crisis from FEMA’s website
10/6/17 Unsealed documents show Kobach urged Trump to change federal voting law
10/8/17 Pence walks out of Colts game due to kneeling players
10/8/17 White House Makes Hard-Line Demands for Any ‘Dreamers’ Deal
10/9/17 Trump’s Statement About Columbus Day Makes No Mention of Native Americans
10/10/17 Trump’s Interior Head: If We Take Down Confederate Statues, American Indians Will Complain Next
10/12/17 DOJ gives last chance warning to NYC for sanctuary city policies
10/12/17 The Trump Administration Wants Refugees to Fit In or Stay Out
10/13/17 Trump to end key ACA subsidies, a move that will threaten the law’s marketplaces
10/14/17 Donald Trump’s administration is quietly reducing support for prisoner rehabilitation programmes
10/14/17 Trump administration rejects World Bank capital increase
10/16/17 Trump says military should not have to help with food, water distribution in Puerto Rico
10/17/17 Trump Administration Sets Out to ‘Fix’ Asylum System
10/17/17 Trump plans massive increase in federal immigration jails
10/18/17 The Trump Administration Is Preventing A 17-Year-Old Undocumented Immigrant From Having An Abortion
10/19/17 Trump gives his administration “10” out of 10 on Puerto Rico
10/19/17 Appeals court to review judge’s order allowing abortion for undocumented teen immigrant
10/20/17 The U.K. agency that compiled the data in Trump’s terrorism tweet disagrees with his assessment
10/23/17 Treasury Department sides with Wall Street, against federal consumer watchdog agency on arbitration rule
10/24/17 Visa reviews ordered for those already living and working in the U.S.
10/24/17 Trump administration implements new restrictions on refugee program as ban comes to an end
10/26/17 Mike Pence Promises to Defend Christians in the Middle East
10/26/17 Tweet about Virginia gov. race
10/30/17 Trump Administration cuts to halfway houses affects Oriana House, Akron man granted clemency by Obama
10/31/17 ACLU Sues Trump Administration, Seeks Release Of Undocumented Girl With Cerebral Palsy
11/1/17 Trump suggests sending NYC terror suspect to Guantanamo prison
11/1/17 The Diversity Visa Program Was Created to Help Irish Immigrants
11/3/17 Trump administration suggests possibility of disciplinary action against ACLU lawyers in abortion case
11/4/17 Trump administration to drop protections for Central Americans and Haitians: report
11/7/17 Trump administration opens door for states to impose Medicaid work requirements
11/8/17 Trump’s top environmental pick says she has ‘many questions’ about climate change
11/9/17 White House chief of staff tried to pressure acting DHS secretary to expel thousands of Hondurans, officials say
11/10/17 Trump administration terminates program that united thousands of families fleeing violence in Central America
11/12/17 The Trump Administration Is Choosing to Starve Poor People
11/12/17 Tough-talking sheriffs raise their voices in Trump era
11/13/17 Trump Administration Detaining DACA Recipient With Disability
11/15/17 Trump administration deals a blow to international anti-corruption efforts
11/15/17 Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta backs Trump administration on overtime rule
11/15/17 Surgeon general: Trump administration is not ‘against coverage’
11/15/17 The Trump administration rejected 4,000 “late” DACA renewals. Some were sitting in its mailbox at the deadline.
11/16/17 Trump administration sued over wage gap pay rule
11/16/17 Trump administration: Louisville’s new immigration rule could jeopardize federal money
11/16/17 Homeland Security’s head of community outreach resigns over past controversial comments on black community, Islam
11/17/17 The Trump administration’s extreme vetting plan is being blasted as a ‘digital Muslim ban’
11/20/17 Donald Trump criticizes Marshawn Lynch for anthem protest in Mexico
11/21/17 Palestinians Cut Donald Trump and Jared Kushner Contact After Closure of Washington Office
11/21/17 Exclusive: U.S. agency to vote to repeal ‘net neutrality’ rules – FCC chief
11/21/17 U.S. Threatens to Sue Harvard Over Admissions Policies
11/22/17 Trump Administration Doesn’t Care About Nazis: The U.S. Voted Against U.N. Resolution Condemning Nazism
11/23/17 Trump touts economy, vows to build border wall in Thanksgiving tweets
11/24/17 Trump taps Mulvaney to head CFPB, sparking confusion over agency’s leadership
11/25/17 State Department wracked by departures under Trump: report
11/27/17 A Migrant Teen Got the Abortion She Sought. But the Trump Administration Is Still Fighting.
11/27/17 At a Navajo veterans’ event, Trump makes ‘Pocahontas’ crack
11/27/17 Trump’s pick for consumer watchdog bureau orders freeze on hiring and rule-making
11/27/17 CBO: Senate tax plan would increase deficit by $1.4T over 10 years
11/27/17 White House’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders says ‘Pocahontas’ is not a racial slur
11/28/17 The Trump Administration Wants to Track the Facebook Feeds of Foreign Visitors
11/28/17 Trump’s FCC chairman accuses Twitter of silencing conservatives
11/29/17 President Trump retweets anti-Muslim videos posted by a British nationalist convicted of aggravated harassment
11/29/17 7 Ways the Republican Tax Plan Is Horrible for Young People
11/29/17 Trump administration halts school lunch salt reduction
12/1/17 Trump slams ‘disgraceful’ Kate Steinle verdict
12/2/17 Trump Administration Has Illegally Attempted to Deport DACA Recipients, Advocates Say
12/4/17 How the Trump Administration Is Using Local Cops to Widen Its Immigration Dragnet
12/4/17 Trump strips monument protections from 2 million acres in Utah
12/5/17 After Bears Ears, Trump administration ponders more changes to national monuments
12/6/17 Pace of Obamacare enrollment slows ‘dramatically’ as Trump administration cuts take effect
12/6/17 Ryan pledges ‘entitlement reform’ in 2018
12/7/17 Trump administration wants more people to work for food stamps
12/7/17 Trump says shutdown still possible, blames Democrats
12/7/17 Less-guarded Sessions spars with interns in internal DOJ video
12/7/17 Trump administration praises Honduras amid election crisis
12/7/17 The Trump Administration Tried to Lecture Civil Rights Icon John Lewis on Civil Rights
12/8/17 Roy Moore: America was great in era of slavery, is now ‘focus of evil in the world’
12/9/17 Weekly address tweet from Donald
12/11/17 Trump Makes ‘Robo-Call’ for Moore as Democrat Jones Takes Lead in Alabama Race
12/11/17 White House claims Trump’s immigration plans could have prevented NYC attack
12/12/17 Trump Administration Wants to End Family Sponsorship Visas
12/15/17 With Omarosa’s exit, Trump now appears to have no black senior advisers
12/15/17 Trump will stop spouses of H-1B visa holders from working
12/15/17 Trump administration cracks down on visa waiver program
12/16/17 President Trump: Economy Will ‘Start to Rock’ After Tax Plan
12/16/17 ACLU says two undocumented teens seeking abortions have been stopped by Trump administration
12/18/17 Trump tries ‘America First’ national security strategy
12/18/17 Trump administration asks Supreme Court to block abortion for immigrant teen
12/20/17 Twenty-two Immigrant Teens Freed after Wrongful Arrests by the Trump Administration
12/22/17 Trump administration weighs policy that could split up families who enter US illegally
12/22/17 Underage refugee rape victims barred from abortions because it’s ‘in their best interest’, says Trump official
12/22/17 Mike Pence: Trump administration will move ‘vigorously’ on welfare reform and infrastructure
12/26/17 The Trump Administration Is Waging Guerrilla War on Legal Immigration, Attorneys Say
12/27/17 Trump Administration Reverses Course on PACE Financing
12/28/17 No links to terror uncovered in Harrisburg shooting despite claims from Trump administration
12/29/17 Trump to Dems: No DACA deal without the border wall

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