The year in photographic review

Highlights from my year in photography…

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  1. Like Reseda, they took part of the yard to build an on/off ramp for downtown, the college and westside, where I now sit my cat-bird seat in house that ten years ago was open meadow right at the edge of the pines, the transition from high desert, from what was once grasslands but now either junipers or houses to the desert pine clad “foothills’, for lack of a better term. Grew up, mostly, 30, 35 and 50 miles south, and out around Crane, Princeton Post Office and French Glen.

    I frequent Townsend’s Tea House, and look like an old Oregon Logger/Hippie/Biker.

    • I wasn’t a big fan of Bend – really wanted to get back to Denver – but there are two things I miss: the posole at Spork, and damn, I loved Crux.