Forget influence peddling, now we have influence wholesale purchasing


Comcast and other heavy hitters blatantly buying employee political pressure


Let’s just say a bunch of corporations wanted the Party A guy (I’m right/wrong either way with GOP/Dem, so Party A it is) to win an election. Let’s say that corporate leadership tells the employees that if the Party A candidate wins, everybody gets a $1000 bonus. Let’s say quite a few corporations make a similar deal. Would that be buying votes? Would that be ethical? Would it even be legal?

Compare and contrast. How are corporate bonuses under these circumstances different in principle?¬†Normalizing the kind of direct influence purchasing we’re seeing here strikes me as a bad move. It might look good now, but what if it were companies supporting a huge Democratic program and pressuring someone like Clinton to sign a thing quickly before it gets too much scrutiny? I think that would be creepy, and if that’s creepy, this is creepy.


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