Forget influence peddling, now we have influence wholesale purchasing


Comcast and other heavy hitters blatantly buying employee political pressure


Let’s just say a bunch of corporations wanted the Party A guy (I’m right/wrong either way with GOP/Dem, so Party A it is) to win an election. Let’s say that corporate leadership tells the employees that if the Party A candidate wins, everybody gets a $1000 bonus. Let’s say quite a few corporations make a similar deal. Would that be buying votes? Would that be ethical? Would it even be legal?

Compare and contrast. How are corporate bonuses under these circumstances different in principle? Normalizing the kind of direct influence purchasing we’re seeing here strikes me as a bad move. It might look good now, but what if it were companies supporting a huge Democratic program and pressuring someone like Clinton to sign a thing quickly before it gets too much scrutiny? I think that would be creepy, and if that’s creepy, this is creepy.


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