The personal moral failures of Donald and his Administration, July-November 2017


Adultery. Hypocrisy. Lying. Belittling people. Narcissism. Normalizing rape. Sexual Assault. These are the moral failures of Donald and his Administration that I’ve been tracking since July.

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Between July 1 and November 30, 2017, I identified 570 different instances of Donald and members of his Administration horrible things – lying, race baiting, being authoritarian, undermining the rule of law, and so on. With 570 over five months (and another 70+ so far in December), I can start treating Donald’s depravity as data and track the atrocious behavior from week to week and month to month.

While I haven’t processed the data weekly yet, I do have some monthly observations that I’ll share periodically on each of the seven major categories of awfulness I identified prior to the 2016 election: personal moral failures, bigotry, awful social policy, nationalism and foreign policy, opposing civil rights, horrible economics and educational policies, and anti-scientific views.

Let’s start by exploring the Administration’s moral failures in detail.

The moral failures of Donald and his Administration, as a percentage of the total number of horrible behavior that month.

The seven categories of personal moral failings that I’ve been tracking are adultery, hypocrisy, lying, mocking the disabled and generally belittling people, narcissism, rape, and sexual assault. I’m using percentages because it lets me more easily track changes from month to month without getting sidetracked by the overall trend toward more and more examples of Donald’s horribleness.

Adultery (dark blue)

In the first five months, I came across only a single example of Donald being OK with adultery, and that was in November. In this case, however, the one instance related to Republican Senate Candidate for Alabama, Roy Moore, who was credibly accused by multiple women of seeking sex with them when they were minors or only barely not. That’s a remarkably small number of instances given Donald’s multiple prior wives and his sexual dalliances outside of those various marriages.

Hypocrisy (red)

Donald’s hypocrisy has been extensive since I started recording instances of it in July. I recorded a total of 144 different examples of hypocrisy in that time (25.3% of the 570 total instances of horribleness). July saw the fewest examples of hypocrisy, only 14.3%, while October saw the most – 33.3%.

Lying (orange)

There hasn’t really been much of a trend in lying since July, although one could argue that there was a step increase between September and October. I identified 114 examples of bald-faced lying by Donald or others in his administration (although most articles had multiple lies, and I could only classify each article once), or about 20% of all news articles. The peak to date was in November, when 23.4% of all horribleness included bald-faced lies.

Mocking the disabled/belittling people (green)

When I started collecting examples of horrible behavior in July, this category was just “mocking the disabled.” Since October, however, I broadened the category some to include mockery, belittling, and bullying behavior. Only 1% of the incidents of horrible behavior fell into this category between July and September, but the broadened category increased that to 3.6% in October and 5.5% in November. Most other categories are a mix of Donald and other people in his Administration – this category is dominated by Donald’s own immature treatment of his political opponents.

Narcissism (purple)

Examples of narcissism in the Administration don’t show much of a trend since July. Peak narcissism in the last five months was 20.4% in September, while the low point was 13.1% in November. The overall average is 17.0%, or 98 of all 570 examples of horrible behavior.

Rape (light blue)

I have only identified one or two examples of Donald or the Administration downplaying the seriousness of rape each month. That’s 1.1% of the total number of incidents – 1.1% too many.

Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment (pink)

While there haven’t been a lot of examples of downplaying sexual assault since July (eight out of 570, or 1.4%), there was a big spike in November as a result of Donald’s strong support of Roy Moore and Donald’s attacking the 19 women who have accused him of rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment. I added “sexual harassment” to the category in December, and I expect a spike in coming months in this category as a result.

Donald’s personal moral failings, and the similar failings of the rest of his Administration, are legion. 25.3% of the 570 unique examples of horrible behavior I recorded between July 1 and November 30, 3017, were hypocritical about something. 20.0% were dishonest in at least one way. And that’s without individually documenting each and every one of Donald’s tweets.

As bad as the moral and ethical failures are, they’re only a small part of the overall story. I’ll address a much larger piece next – the 13 different sub-categories of bigotry that Donald and his Administration display.