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I’ll mock and deride caricatures masquerading as people regardless which side they’re on, but I still have your back.

“Donald Trump and Insane Clown Posse tell the Deplorables and Juggalos, respectively, that the establishment is laughing at them, and that the people in power think that they’re stupid and racist. And neither Trump or ICP is wrong. There is an enormous amount of hatred and derision directed their way. Yet Trump and Insane Clown Posse both tell their die-hard fans that they, and they alone, value and appreciate these lost, forgotten people, and because they value and appreciate them, they’re willing to fight on their behalf.”

I love Cracked. Their writing is often far superior to what too often passes for news. That quote really struck me. I’ll probably never be sure, but I think it’s maybe a reason why I haven’t been completely shut out by people I’m sure I’ve offended. I can be a total dick at times, but it’s hard to be mad at someone for being a total dick when the issue is usually other people being total dicks and me being a total dick about not being total dicks to each other. Whether or not this article is entirely accurate, I can only say it rings true. One of the things I’ve tried to be clear about through all my being a dick episodes is that attack whatever positions or characteristics I may, it’s not an attack on individuals because, in my own dickhead kinda way, I have their backs, too.

Whatever we disagree on, especially when I’ve been a dick about it, I think people know that whether or not we agree, I want them well and happy. I want them to live in a more perfect union. I want them to have justice, and domestic tranquility. I want them well-defended at home by family and police and our military. I want them to have well being in a society not rife with suffering, sickness, and crime. I want them to be free.

There’s people at the top I’m not so generous about. Most talking heads. Most politicians. Most celebrity preachers. Quite a few celebrities. Most economists. Experts expert-ing out of their league. Most Big Business sorts. Probably 2/3 of the lawyers, most of the shrinks, and snake oil salesmen of all stripes. I’m also not a fan of doctors who learn more medicine from their pharma rep than from Lancet. And just because I come out against any one thing doesn’t mean I easily fit into the knee-jerk opposition camp, because mostly to hell with their big umbrella, too. Individuals are usually awesome…causes and affinities that are expected from the association? Ehhhhh…

Regardless of which group I’m on the outs with from one second to the next, down in the nitty gritty real world of particular people, ones not known in the press and whose names will never be in history books, I want good things for people. I want the same general end results most people want. And I don’t believe most folks who come along saying that’s what they’re selling, especially when the rationale is so often, “believe me this time, never mind those other times.”

That’ll bring out my anger more often than not. It’s a problem. That’s also my weird ax to grind. I have a thing for truth and consistency. Strangely, while it’s nice when it’s rational, logical consistency, I can even deal with the irrational and the not-/extra-rational…as long as it forms a coherent whole. Things that aren’t at least internally coherent are like bad TV shows with gaping plot holes, shows whose adoring fans won’t countenance criticism.

Knowing this about me, I think one of those reasons why I’m not just universally shunned for tipping everybody’s sacred cows is that they know that, even I’m flipping off their team right now, give me a minute and I’ll be flipping off many of the same people they are. I’m just on the outside, looking in, eating a big ol’ privilege burger and flipping off everybody in as egalitarian a manner as I may.


Except for you. You’re one of the good ones.

I’m mad at the same things most everybody else is mad about once the outer layers are scraped off, but that doesn’t mean I think any self-declared knight in shining armor and a cheap white hat (or red one, duh) necessarily has the right solution all the time. And I sure as hell don’t believe anyone who says they’re the ONLY one they can count on while everybody else is mocking and deriding. I’ll mock and deride caricatures masquerading as people regardless which side they’re on, but I still have your back.

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  1. In a way I think I’m similar. I’ve always been the opposition. Opposition to everything. I criticize what is, because what is generally sucks, I guess. This has been known to piss people off.