Epistle to Joshua Wong

You have sounded the call to which the human soul cannot help but answer…


Grace and peace to you and the faithful in Hong Kong and China.

I thank God for you and your continued hardships, recalling that “you are blessed when people persecute you for the Lord’s sake, and your reward will be great.” Even now the weakness and frailty of earthly kingdoms is giving over to the strength and power of Truth and Justice. All who see your persecution can see it is unjust, and the nature of the universe is to correct such imbalances at their root, for God does not paint over, like a small minded hireling who cares not for the future or people in his stewardship, but like a true landlord, He corrects the underlying problem, demolishing and rebuilding even the foundations as necessary.

Do not be afraid, either for yourself or for your countrymen, for God defends all who belong to Him, as an umbrella defends against the rain. As rain is necessary to the earth to make it new, so hardships cleanse our souls and bring forth spiritual fruit which, without struggle, we would never be able to produce.

Your clarity of focus and unyielding resolve are reported around the world, and we who are inspired by your example are emboldened to speak and act fiercely in defense of our common humanity, as designed and required by our Creator. In this you have already fulfilled God’s purpose, far beyond the power of any earthly prince to meddle or frustrate, and your faithful actions reverberate and strike fear in the hearts of the faithless, reminding them of the futility of their scheming and the impending doom of their machinations.

You have sounded the call to which the human soul cannot help but answer, to wake, to look, not at shiny pebbles on the ground but upon the wide open space above the horizon, to the imperative to achieve and become all that we can, not materially or spiritually only, but both, not individually or collectively only, but both, until we are that which we were created to be, the Kingdom of God everlasting, transforming and being transformed, a new people alive in a new way, reclaiming God’s whole creation, a new heaven and a new earth.

Joshua-WongSome of weaker faith may counsel that you should not speak boldly the Truth, that trouble follows, as some counsel me that to write this letter will make your suffering greater. They do not understand the willingness of the Creator to suffer for us, or the continual suffering of humanity separated from God by blindness and led astray by false teachers. We are called to be light for them, to teach them the true way.

Finally, rejoice. Our Lord has promised that by faith we may work miracles and move mountains. He did not say it would be easy, but He did promise to give us strength to endure it. One day the mountain will be moved. It may not be given to you or me to see that day, but if we are clean of heart, we shall see God.

To God alone, then, through his son Jesus Christ, who resurrected from the dead after three days, the greatest secret in the universe, be all glory and honor forever and ever.

Your brother in Christ,

Joshua Booth