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Watch this Vice News/HBO video on Charlottesville

Watch this. Share it. Make sure you friends and family have watched it. Because it tells us what these white supremacists and Nazis want – all non-whites, non-Christians, non-Nazis driven from the United States, or dead.

When I studied the history of fascism and nazism in the 1990s, I swore never again. I saw echos of fascism in the news then, but I never truly thought we would reach the point where white supremacists could openly march like this. Not here in the United States.

If this truly is where the country is going, we’re in for a world of hurt before it’s all over. It will take all of us who cannot abide the terror and hatred and bigotry of these people to stop them. We cannot rely on President “three days to denounce Nazis” for any help. So far he’s been comforting them, for gods’ sake. Saving America from those who would destroy it in the name of hate is up to us.

Maybe it always has been.

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    • I understand, although I encourage you to find a way to work through your disgust. When we look at history, fascists and Nazis did exactly what they said they would do. They said that they’d become more violent, and they did. They said they’d expel or murder Jews, and they did.

      The people like those featured in the video should be taken at their word. They’re telling the rest of us what their plans are, and we should believe them. If they say they’re going to organize larger marches, we should be prepared for larger marches. If they say they’re going to plan for violence, we should be prepared to defend ourselves from their violence. If they say they’re going to try to create a homeland, we should be prepared to stop them.

      And they said all these things in the video.

      • I completely agree. Just the fact that this guy states emphatically that he goes to the gym and carries a gun just because he wants to be a badass, is enough to convince me. I believe him. You’re right as well, in that we should all watch this and really understand the mentality of people like this.