Donald’s creepy behavior and creeping authoritarianism

What will happen to the US if Donald is an actual fascist? And what creepy behaviors of his were we totally aware of before the election that he’s still doing now? A preliminary announcement for two new S&R projects.

Earlier this week I read about Amy Siskind, a former Wall Street executive turned independent journalist who has been documenting all the ways that Donald’s authoritarian impulses have been changing the US since he took over at her Medium.com site. As she points out,

Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember.

Right after the election, I thought about working up a list of what we should expect from Donald if he truly is a fascist (part one of an eight part series is here, for anyone interested). But other priorities and a lack of focus on my writing here at S&R got in the way.

Also, before the election I wrote about how a person didn’t need to believe everything Donald does to vote for him, but that a person did have to accept Donald’s horrible beliefs and behaviors to vote for him.

Siskind has inspired me to re-examine both of those projects. As a result I’m going to start working on the the list of what we can expect to happen if Donald is an actual fascist, and then I’m going to update the list as things happen.

And I’m going to start publishing examples of those horrible behaviors and beliefs that Donald has, that we knew Donald had before the election, that I identified in that post. That way we have a way to show Donald’s supporters that a) we knew what he was like before the election, b) he didn’t change after the election, and c) we’re not going to let them forget it.

I’d say that this is likely to be a complicated, difficult, and time-consuming project, but given how many examples Donald gives us each week, I actually expect it’ll be hard not to find stuff to write about. No promises about regular updates, though – life has a way of messing with my plans whenever I make those kinds of promises.

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