The blood-red Shimbashi dress: a photopoem

In Tokyo, the mama-san is smarter than you…

Part of my S&R Tokyo Series

I am the gorgeous dress

of your beauty,

and I have loved you for a very long time.

You are nothing to me

if not

the reflection in which I see myself

and the glitter of my age

that has sparkled in

all the ice cubes

in all the drinks I ever poured in Tokyo’s slush-fund winters.

You are beautiful to me,

as I hope I am to you.

I will draw a map to my heart

for you, only you,

with the lipstick I wear every day.

And you will know me

as I straighten your tie,

tuck in your pocket handkerchief,

and tell you to go

and love that somebody else

who has more than five minutes to spare

in a salaryman/s frustrated life.

(New Shimbashi Building, Tokyo, November 2015. I originally published this photograph with this narrative. See my other work here and here.)

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  1. The Blood-Red Shimbashi Dress – Beautiful “photopoem” esp. with the photograph.