Horror on Capitol Hill starts at home

Scalise ShootingAs a blogger, I’m generally accustomed to crickets. The last round of chirping silence? Entirely predictable. After all, I merely wished people to stop wishing other people dead on political grounds. Silly me. I thought, given how very topical it was, maybe some folks would actually try spreading the message. Don’t worry. If you reserve the right to turn a blind eye, you’re not alone. Not even remotely.

After this morning’s news of the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia? Ghouls on the left. Ghouls on the right. Let neither side miss an opportunity to turn violence into a bully pulpit.

Maybe Senator Tester’s office will see fit to amplify this signal. Mind you, I’d rather not be the sole voice trying to get Congress to hold one their own accountable. If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind contacting your own representative voices in government and ask they they look into the little matter of Rep. Clay Higgins’ murderous impulses? I’ll be over here holding my breath. Oh, wait. No I won’t. I remember the last two reactions I got.

And here we are with today’s headlines.

Maybe I’m naive. Maybe political violence in America is such a norm now that when a U. S. Representative calls for violence, it merits no attention.

If that’s the case, carry on. Don’t let me disturb you. In other news, I hear Jerry Seinfeld is no fan of a completely different show about nothing. Articles about that actually got readers.

Yes, I’m peeved. We all get the government you deserve.

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