Dear Donald, the FBI needs to enforce federal law not resurrect the spirit of J. Edgar Hoover

Dear Donald,

Two nights ago, after firing now former FBI director James Comey, you tweeted the following:

With all due respect, Donald, what the FBI needs is someone who will enforce federal law. I’m not even sure what you mean by the “spirit and prestige” as it applies to the FBI. Are you talking about the good old days, like when J. Edgar Hoover was in charge and the FBI illegally hunted down communists, both real and imagined? Or the good old days when J. Edgar Hoover was in charge and had agents infiltrate the civil rights movement? Or the good old days when the FBI infiltrated various governments within Latin America?

Law enforcement isn’t often prestigious, Donald, locally or federally. And frankly, given you embedded a slavishly loyal racist as your Attorney General, the FBI needs a director who will be independent of you.

Donald and Michael Flynn during the campaign (image credit: Yahoo News)

You see, Donald, one of the FBI’s many jobs is counterintelligence. That means investigating people who are suspected of working with foreign entities against the best interests of the United States of America. In the event that their investigation discovers that your people, or even you, are doing something contrary to the national interest, they have the right – nay, the responsibility – to present that information to the Justice Department and the Congress. The Justice Department and the Congress would in turn have the responsibility to charge your people, or even you, with breaking the law and to remove your people – or you – from office.

I’m not sure what you’re afraid Comey would have discovered in the course of the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 election. But I certainly know better than to trust your fevered hallucinations about your so-called truth, or to give any credence to your claim that Comey had lost the public’s trust. Not given your track record with Michael Flynn.

So do yourself, and the country you allegedly lead, a favor and nominate someone who actually believes in the laws of the country rather than another morally corrupt yes-man (or yes-woman). I’m already wearing hip waders to keep the swamp slime off my clothes – I’d like to avoid needing a wet suit if I can.