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Saturday Video Roundup: this week in 3MS

I have invited everyone to investigate 3rd Millennium Sound on Spotify and Facebook, and I’ll reinvite you now.

The project is zipping along wonderfully – I have discovered dozens of artists I didn’t know in the last few weeks and some have become instant favorites.

For today’s SVR, here are some selections we added this past week. Up first, some very cool ’80s inspired neo-apocalyptica from Gunship.

One of our Techo/EDM gurus, Peter Wohelski, posted this from Bonobo.

Rich from Dotsun Moon introduced us (well, me, anyway) to The Naked and Famous.

I mentioned that I have found some new favorites. Yep. Love Mesh.

You can listen to the entire (and growing) playlist on Spotify.

Click for 3rd Millennium Sound

Click for 3rd Millennium Sound

If you’d like to join, visit 3rd Millennium Sound on Facebook.

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