Saturday Video Roundup

SVR this week means Science Video Roundup

Title: SVR means Science Video Roundup this week

Saturday Video Roundup this week is all science videos.

First, Neil DeGrasse Tyson on science as a method to discover truth and how that truth is true whether you believe it or not.

Remember that scene from Wall-E when the spaceship punches through a sphere of old, dead satellites orbiting the Earth? Yeah, a Kessler cascade is becoming more likely due in part to microsats, and it won’t be anywhere near that pretty.

How about a simple visualization of the Earth’s increasing global temperature?

The Leidenfrost effect, as demonstrated by the Mythbusters using molten lead.

Ever want a really quick explanation of how a laser works? Ask, and ye shall receive.

And how can the blue morpho butterfly be blue without any blue pigment? Hint: nanostructures.

Enjoy, and check out YouTube for lots more good and interesting science videos.