Republican President Trump

It’s Donald’s party now. Make sure no one is allowed to forget it.

by djerrid

A piece of advice for Democratic message makers: There is no “President Trump.” There is only “Republican President Trump.”

Those who represent the Democratic Party should literally not say his name without putting “Republican” in front of it. Tying Republican Trump to the Republican Party should be done now so that it becomes an entrenched symbol of his identity in the minds of the average American voter. It will send a clear and obvious message that a major strategy of the Democrats is to put their counterparts in the tight and suffocating embrace of “their” president.

Knowing this, GOP congressfolks will try to give themselves a little bit of breathing room in case the bottom falls out his sinking ship and his popularity continues to submerge. They could even adhere to their ideological principles rather than just playing follow the leader. And perhaps maybe they can act like they’re independent of Republican Trump when he changes and re-changes his policies again and again on a whim and a tweet.

That will obviously piss Republican Trump off. He will see the whole GOP as his enemy. The same way he targeted the Tea Party after the ACA repeal disaster, he will attack those who supported him. And the money shot? A persistent civil war between Republican Trump and his party, and they will not be able to accomplish anything.

Again, there is no reason to refer to him as “President” without adding on the epitaph “Republican” right in front. For those who wish to hang on to their majority, there might not be anything scarier.

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  1. Yes, the Trumpicans are surely sweating-out Georgia. What a peach that could be!

    No doubt, Donald’s rob-calls are stating: “You’re a Republican!” Is there an inference that you’re not Americans first? And, should’t Georgians want to have the vey best representation in the Senate? Not just another Trumpican?

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