American Culture

A scooter at midnight during the war

There is always a war…

Down in San Bruno, California
there are renegades and vampires
running gun and overrunning every street.
There are always women in the crosswalks
shepherding their invisible children
to non-existent schools.
These women drink hard liquor for no pay,
because that’s their little piece
of The American Way.

Their husbands and wives are all off at war,
there is always a war,
and they never know where the war is,
who the war is against,
or if their husbands or wives will ever come home.

This just in:
The Defense Department and Bar and Grill
just announced nobody from San Bruno, California
is on active duty in the war.
They lied to their wives and went drinking
in the next town over for several months
because their invisible children
are easy prey for vampires,
make too much noise when they die,
and they couldn’t face it.

(San Mateo Avenue, San Bruno, California 2017. See my other work here and here.)

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  1. Your poetry and my poetry have damned near no points of intersection. And things like this remind me why that’s okay. I always liked the energy of “street” poetry, which is what I guess you are, but so damned many people working that vein were … what’s the word here? … hypersuck. As it turns out, that describes most people who write “academic” poetry, as well.

    Once you get past “Howl,” Ginsberg wishes he were you.

    • I’m very honored by your praise. I think what I actually do is tell surreal short stories in poetry form. Perhaps that’s why I’m having such a hard time finding a publisher for my Tokyo book.