For your #ArtSunday listening pleasure: the 3rd Millennium Sound

This week I set up a new Facebook group with Rick Flierl (of Dotsun Moon) to replace one that had sort of taken a left turn on us. The goal: sharing and discussing a particular strand of emerging music styles. 3rd Millennium Sound revolves around specific genres like Electro-Pop, Darkwave, Industrial, contemporary Trip-Hop, Shoegaze/Dreampop, BritPop and more. This description isn’t intended to be overly limiting – 3MS is about discovery, not policing boundaries. (That said, thou shalt not post any Folk.)

3rd Millennium Sound

As a complement to the Facebook group I have built a Spotify playlist including the songs that members post. It’s public, and I invite you to click here to listen in. Right now it’s only a couple dozen songs long but it’s growing by the day.

If it turns out you like the vibe you’re hearing, hit me in the comments and I can invite you to the group. Happy #ArtSunday.

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