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Music for CPAC and America’s bigoted Administration

The organizer of the Conservative Political Action Convention (CPAC), Dan Schneider, called Richard Spencer and his cadre of white nationalists (aka the “alt-right”) a “hateful, left-wing fascist group” got me thinking about this song. Well, that and how poorly the current Administration is doing lately with respect to bigotry. You know, broadening the deportation guidelines to include pretty much everyone from south of the border, the immigration and travel ban, reversing the guidance on equal access to restrooms for transgendered men and women, and the like.

(this version was put up by TMBG themselves, BTW)

Oh, and contrary to what Jonah Goldberg wants you to believe, fascism is a right-wing phenomenon, not a left-wing one. At least, according to actual historians who, you know, make it their business to learn the facts about something before spouting off about it. Unlike Jonah Goldberg.