After Michael Flynn’s resignation, Donald will be out for blood

Donald doesn’t lose well. I doubt he’ll ignore the role of the media and FBI leaks in Flynn’s resignation

Michael Flynn (image credit: Politico)

Michael Flynn (image credit: Politico)

Michael Flynn, Donald’s now former National Security Advisor, resigned from his position this evening. In a statement, Flynn said he “misled” Vice-President Pence about a phone call Flynn had with the Russian Ambassador to the United States in which the two discussed having Donald lift sanctions imposed on Russia after the invasion and annexation of Crimea.

Flynn’s contacts with Russia had been under investigation by the Justice Department since Donald took office, if not before then, and the fact that Flynn was being investigated had been widely reported in the media. In fact, the Washington Post reported just tonight that the FBI considered Flynn a blackmail risk due to his lying to Pence.

Flynn was vetted as a potential vice-president, and he was one of Donald’s more fiery supporters during the 2016 campaign. Flynn has been loyal to to Donald, and Donald rewards loyalty. On the other hand, if Flynn did in fact lie to Pence, that might make Flynn a loser in Donald’s eyes, and there’s nothing that Donald hates more than a loser. And the thing he seems to hate the most is when he’s the loser. Which is why I think that Donald will be out for blood.

Donald lost tonight, and every time he’s lost he’s gone on Twitter or stood before an audience to rant against whoever was responsible for his loss. I anticipate that Donald will attack the media again for reporting the facts about Flynn and his Russia contacts. And I expect he’ll instruct his new Attorney General to figure out who in the FBI was investigating Flynn, and who leaked the information that Flynn was being investigated, and then demote them to line cook in the FBI’s cafeteria.

Flynn’s resignation is a good thing for the country. Having a man who had a very cozy relationship with Russian diplomats and could be blackmailed by Russia as the National Security Advisor would have been a very, very bad idea.

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  1. Maybe, although now we get David “Emails anyone?” Petraeus. Remember Corey? Donald fired him but he never left the payroll, even when he got the CNN gig. Flynn may or may not go away, and he may or may not go far enough away.

    • Petraeus is still under probation for giving classified information to his mistress, so having him as National Security Advisor would be all sorts of screwed up. On the other hand, that would show the defense and intelligence communities that Donald has no interest in national security, which might convince them to treat Donald with the respect he deserves – ie precious little.

  2. I am sure Donald will have a field day with the person that leaked the information about Flynn. He will be all over twitter calling whoever did it out. Not very presidential.