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The most common New Years resolutions and me in 2017

Some yes, some probably not, a little bitch please….

new-years-resolutionsPart 3 of a series

I posted my two big resolutions for 2017 already: aim high and shoot straight and insist that support be mutual. But what will I do about all the standard resolutions? You know, the ones everybody makes and breaks every year?

Here are 15 top New Years resolutions. And what I plan to do about them.

Lose Weight and Get Fit

Well, I’m already doing that. In terms of strength I’m in the best shape of my life already. So this is more like I resolve to keep doing what I’ve been doing, only moreso.

Quit Smoking

Never have, never will, so it doesn’t matter. I do recall the time I was at dinner on New Years Eve with my sister and she bet me $100 she could quit smoking. She lost the best before 12:10am.

Learn Something New

Every day of my life. I guess this year I can be more specific, though, and aim to broaden and deepen my photography knowledge. I feel like I have an established style and I’m fairly good at things, but by the same token I have felt for a while that I haven’t yet found my true identity as a shooter. I have some ideas what that direction might look like, but I haven’t translated it into actual work yet. So yeah, let’s see if we can make happen.

Eat Healthier and Diet

Been talking to my doctors, have you? I’m not going to diet, but I could stand to tinker some things about what I’m eating.

Get Out of Debt and Save Money

Yeah, well, this depends on finding a new job, doesn’t it? Trust me, I’m all for this one and it will be a priority. Wish me luck.

Spend More Time with Family

No. My family lives in the South. I ain’t going there, except maybe for a quick visit, and they ain’t coming here. So this seems unlikely.

Travel to New Places

I’d love to. See “Get Out of Debt and Save Money” above.

Be Less Stressed

I’m not sure this is entirely up to me. But I’ll do what I can to infuse my life with as much tranquility as possible.


Blogging is my volunteering. I write and I write and I write in hopes of inspiring people to think and live better lives. And I’m trying to start a new civic debate organization to … well, inspire people to think and live better lives.

Drink Less

Calvin & Hobbes laughing

Get Organized

I actually have gotten my life very organized considering that I was born without that organized gene.

Enjoy Life to the Fullest

Yeah, this has been the mantra for a while now.

Help Others in Their Dreams

This is an ongoing point of frustration. I have always tried my damnedest on this front – I mean, this is what wanting to be a professor was all about, init? But it seems like people are so determined to act against their best interests these days. I’ll do what I can, but it’s like that old joke about the psychiatrist and the lightbulb: only if the bulb wants to change.

Fall in Love

Did that already.

Win Powerball

Priority #1. If you have any winning numbers I’d appreciate you sharing them.

Happy New Year, folks. May 2017 be better for us all.

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  1. I always resolve not to make any resolutions.

    Basically because I’m always trying to improve when I find something is wrong or lacking, and don’t need a new year as a marker.