Donald fires Mike Pompeo

Donald: I have three questions. First, do you want to torture people?wikileaks-netbook-globe-01-02

Mike: Yes.

Donald: Second, do you require access to information about CIA personnel?

Mike: Naturally.

Donald: Third, do you know what we do with a rat in New York? We give it a slice of pizza, take a picture, and then tell it to get out of here. You’re fired.

Mike: I outrank you.

Donald: I don’t work for you anymore. Now answer one more question. Why did you name it the Tea Party? Did you think we wouldn’t make the tea and China connection? That’s like the height of arrogance.

Mike: You obviously did not.

Donald: Of course we did. Americans are gunslingers. We let you draw first, then we kill you. It’s all on you. You are sabotaging our pipelines and setting fire to our forests. These actions will have consequences. How far it goes is up to you. You are choosing to be the bad guy in this scenario. You know what happens to the bad guy.