Donald upbraided by Steve Bannon


Steve: You know why we are here.

Donald: Yes sir.

Steve: You know that your situation is hopeless. Think of your son, Barron, and your wife, Melania, alone and afraid, because of your mistakes Donald. You made another mistake, correct?

Donald: Yes sir.

Steve: And you cannot afford to make another mistake, can you, Donald?

Donald: Please…

Steve: Shut up I’m talking. This is what you are going to do. You will call for unity, and trust in the American political system, and we will prerecord everything, so there will be no opportunity for coded messages. Do you understand?

Donald: Yes sir.

Steve: We will appeal to their complacency and their generosity. We will use their so-called better angels against them. Do you understand?

Donald: Yes sir.

Steve: This is not the primaries, Donald. Lives hang in the balance, specifically those of your wife and child.


Steve: You were hired as a mouthpiece, and repeatedly have attempted to sabotage our strategy. This will not be forgiven or forgotten. You will do as you are told to do, and say what you are told to say, or your wife and child are forfeit. Your entire tenure as President, they will be in New York, under our control. Is that understood?

Donald: Yes sir.

Steve: Good. You may go back to your desk.

Note: This is satire. For all I know Donald Trump’s hair is real.

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