It’s time

PoliticalMonkey2It’s time to start building an actual progressive movement (be it a takeover of the smoking crater the Clintons left or a new party). Have we learned to not bring a rubber, wonk knife to a populist gun fight?

It’s time to stand with the less privileged and the oppressed rather than wave our fingers at them and pretending that fiddling around the edges of a corrupt system is the best we can do, without even bothering to look at the flawed foundation the system was constructed upon.

It’s time to understand that the pit in your stomach, the fear that came from this election is what a lot of people in this country wake up to every day. It’s the feeling that African Americans have lived with for centuries.

It’s time for a lot of things (among them, never listening to anyone named Clinton ever again), but it’s mostly time to take a long hard look in the mirror and do away with any stupid fantasies of how we’re special as a nation. You may not want to believe it, but this is us. Trump does not represent a departure from our better nature or our essential goodness. He’s a symptom of a disease that we’ve been carrying all along. We’re not the worst or all bad, but the “America is already great” exceptionalism is what’s got us to this point.

It’s long past time to do away with that at all levels and work to make it a better place in any and every way we each have the power to effect.