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Hillary Clinton’s health is fine – focus on the real issues

hillary-clinton-weak-men-fear-strong-womenI’m not a doctor, so this is not a medical diagnosis. But it is a reminder that we need to keep things in perspective. And when it comes to Hillary Clinton, part of that perspective is the fact that, when she was First Lady, her husband asked her to take on some policy duties and because she was a strong, intelligent, outspoken woman, conservatives went apeshit and have spent the last 30 years attacking her for having the audacity of not knowing “her place.”

But seriously, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was essentially a paraplegic before his first term in office. John F. Kennedy was hospitalized and give the Last Rites three times. Richard Nixon was hospitalized for two weeks during his first campaign.George HW Bush vomited in the lap of the Japanese Prime Minister and then fainted. Then there’s the Presidents who were suspected alchoholics (Grant, Arthur) or grossly overweight (Taft, Cleveland). 

And let’s not forget that modern medicine is an amazing thing, especially when the patient listens to her doctor and takes it easy when she should.

Clinton’s health and age are something to consider, to be sure, but so are Trump’s (she’s 68, he’s 70). And Trump’s attacks on her health for lacking stamina are more a sexist attack on her gender than an honest political concern. Donald Trump is a fascist and a threat to US values and democracy – on that scale, Clinton’s bout of pneumonia should barely even register as a political issue.

And should the worst happen, isn’t this why we have Vice Presidents?