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Patriarchy in the news, 8/21/16


I haven’t done one of these in a while, but there is so much out there.

First up, trending on Twitter is #thingsfeministmenhavesaidtome. There are surprises, but the golden oldies are well represented, such as these:

“You’re just assuming all guys are like that, which is pretty sexist.”
“Aren’t you generalizing men if you discuss patriarchy? Don’t alienate allies now.”
“I consider myself more of a humanist.”
“Just because women think something is sexist doesn’t mean it automatically is, you know.”
“I support feminism, but I think women need to lighten up.”
I guess a hashtag things”feminist”menhavesaidtome might not work as well.

Second, Alicen Grey analyzes feminist arguments that try to appeal to men by pointing out that men are hurt by patriarchy too – so not the point. She also wrote “Not all men. Well, actually…”
Last month, I wrote this provocative little number about male “feminists”. Basically, my article centered on a series of questions, prompting men to do some introspection as to why they call themselves feminists.

After writing that article, and (mistakenly?) reading the pissed-off responses on various social media outlets, I learned a valuable lesson: women should never question men, ever. Even though the vast majority of all violent crime in the world is committed by men. Oh, and don’t forget that all the most destructive industries in the world — e.g., industrial agriculture, necrotechnocracy, sex trafficking, the military industrial complex, etc. etc. .… are dominated and directed by men.

Women are expected to politely ignore that fact, that very-verifiable and universally consistent fact, because men don’t like being reminded of the fact that their sex class is demonstrably, undeniably, indisputably, globally and historically more violent than ours. They do this shit, or they passively watch other men do this shit, and then they have the nerve to get offended when women are suspicious of them.

So what happens when you state this obvious fact, this reality, this truth, that males as a social class are more violent than females at grossly disproportionate rates, worldwide, regardless of race, religion or class? Men do what they’ve been conditioned to do when someone says something they don’t want to hear: get angry. Boy, do they know how to get angry! It’s like scripted or something. Every damn time a woman tries to talk about male-pattern violence, even when she’s polite as pie, here come teh menz in droves to shut her up with sandwich jokes and suck-my-dick’s and you-fucking-cunt’s and I’m-gonna-kill-you-in-your-sleep’s. Sadly, most women cave to this. Because, yeah, male anger is terrifying. Try to talk about male violence, and males will inevitably shut down the conversation with… more male violence. #LOLgic

Next up is the category “women’s bodies are men’s ideological battlegrounds.” From Texas, we have “GOP war on women creates casualties: maternal deaths nearly double after cuts to women’s health.”

From 2000 to 2010, the state of Texas saw a slight increase in maternal mortality but then, suddenly, starting in 2011, the rate of pregnancy-related deaths doubled, and then doubled again in 2012.

This dramatic increase in maternal deaths -a total of 72 in 2010, and then 148 in 2012 – is “puzzling” and completely out-of-sync with national data. And while the study makes no argument for a clear cause in the dramatic increase of pregnancy-related deaths in Texas, it coincides exactly with Conservative lawmakers slashing family planning funds by a whopping 66 percent in the state budget.
In that same category, Cannes and now other places in France have banned women wearing burkinis.
Next, porn. A pornographic film director reveals how what people see in the finished product is nothing like what really goes on behind the scenes.
Former teen kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart reveals the direct and undeniable links between her rapist’s actions and his excitement over porn.
Next, the Olympics happened. Or as Liz Plank points out, with 90% of sportscasters being male, we could just call what has happened “The Wide World of Sexism” (great video).
And this bit of predictable idiocy:

But could she coach men?

A reporter for Magasin Danderyd, a Swedish magazine, had the temerity to ask Sundhage that very question. It did not end well.

“Well, then, let me ask you a question,” Sundhage responded, in comments translated by Business Insider. “Does it work with a female chancellor in Germany? Angela Merkel [is running an entire] f***ing country. Clearly it works.”

Meanwhile, in New Orleans, a man dressed as a woman robbed a bank. I totally don’t understand how this is possible because man-to-trans people keep insisting that no man EVER dresses as a woman just to commit a crime. They wouldn’t do that in ladies’ public restrooms and other women’s spaces. They would not do that here or there, they would not do that anywhere.

Also in the New Orleans suburb where I grew up, a man was booked for raping a 9 year old girl, along with 3 counts of oral sexual battery.

Meanwhile, in Canada, another judge in a rape case proved what a cooyon he is (for you that don’t know, “cooyon” is Cajun for “fool” or “dumbass”). He may be able to keep his job if he goes to sensitivity training though. The woman was bent over a bathroom sink and raped from behind.

article one:

During the trial, Camp repeatedly and erroneously called the woman “the accused” and asked her, “Why couldn’t you just keep your knees together?” and, “Why didn’t you just sink your bottom down into the basin so he couldn’t penetrate you?”…

“He believes his training, counselling and this process as a whole have left him better equipped to judge cases with the empathy, wisdom and sensitivity to social context to which all judges aspire,” the document says. “He now understands that some of his prior thinking was infected with stereotypical beliefs and discredited myths.”

The other is the notorious sexual assault trial where Camp repeatedly called the 19-year-old complainant “the accused” and asked her why she didn’t just keep her knees together or move in such a way that her alleged attacker couldn’t penetrate her. He said that “sex and pain sometimes go together, that — that’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

And on that note, I’ll share the most amazing thing I heard all week. Seventy-nine percent of Republican men believe that sexism is over, as do fifty-six percent of men overall. I have this vision of one of the Jedi waving his hand in front of my face and intoning, “None of this blog post ever happened.”

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  1. Hi CeeJay, nice to see you posting. I always hate getting lumped in with women haters/users/abusers but I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t recognize that where I’m at today is due in no small part to having the dumb luck of being born a white heterosexual male.

    As always you made me think. Thanks!