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Your Daily Devotional for August 1, 2016

Kid, when I was your age we didn’t have any fancy internet. We had a TV show about a talking horse. and we were thankful.
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  1. i am that age and things seemed better but then what did i know back then. hellllll what do i know now. because what i see is the greatest depression ever to hit the world coming. gangs roaming the streets looking for whatever and a lot in our government wanting to take away the ability of their citizens to protect themselves. more dangerous people are stopped with guns, those that aren’t are killing many more. prohibition has never worked for anything in the history of the world. we have created crime by calling for a war on what ever, like drugs and making the cartel so rich and powerful just like we did with the mafia. with the politicians with their hands in deep pockets the only thing that is accomplished is making more money for them. a criminal, known criminal running for president and wanting to appoint a few supreme court justices for life to take away the second amendment. our president selling guns to criminals to create the opportunity to get the guns by all the killing he created. shit he only has killed into the thousands so far and more will die because of those guns. how do you get all of these get out of jail cards i want a few???? we have become the police of the world and our master is upping the war in the middle east, killing our best to do it. the clintons collect a billion dollars to help devastated communities and spends 10% of it helping themselves for the most part. just business as usual. yea i remember amos and andy, flash gordan. on a big box with a little round screen. those were the good old days when i knew little. maybe that is why they were the good old days, my ignorance. to taking guns from the good people and giving the green light to criminals, how did we get so crazy. the police, well there is no friendly neighborhood cop. they are there to try and convict you of something or take your money for the good of the boys in blue. no knock search warrants, guilty until proven innocent and they are eliminating due process. the end justifies the means. this is not good we are headed right into the things we are suppose to hate and stop. when they take the guns they can come and kill me first, at least i will have died for a good cause.