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Snack it up on human moments for #HopeTuesday

I don’t know about you, but my Facebook and Twitter feeds are saturated with links to media coverage of the race to the White House between TweedleBint and TweedleBitch. I’ve grown physically weary of the topic, and the climate of fear and anger that has washed over my country because of it. I found the best way to recede from this madness is by taking time to look around me at people and what they do. Observing such things brings a sweetness and a kind of joy to life that no fascist or machine-politician president can take away from us. I really believe that.

And there’s hope in this, which is why I pursue it and why I’m encouraging all of you to do likewise. You don’t even have to plan anything, just savor the unexpected moments life is throwing at you right now.

For example, recently at a Mexican supermercado I encountered a little girl who really wanted the hell out of some Cheetos. She knew I was watching, and didn’t care. She would not be denied, and so…

…by god, she got herself some Cheetos.

I suspect most parents would’ve been aghast to see their child pull something like this. But I was kind of proud of her and would have been pleased to call her my kid. We have to cherish moments like this and let them stick to us. They’ll build up to form a kind of protective armor against the ongoing bullshit our American society currently, and always, throws at us. It’s just a thought, yours to take or leave. But if you can’t find hope within yourself, go looking for it in supermarkets and laundromats and convenience stores and gas stations.

And pick me up a bag of original Lay’s potato chips while you’re out. I can’t stand Cheetos.

(La Hacienda Market, South San Francisco, California 2016. See more of my work here.)

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