Pew Research, February data, and Trump’s assault on separation of church and state

ZOMG, it must be a right-wing plot!


But Pew Research posted this data on the relationship between U.S. religious groups and their political leanings not so very long ago. Consider this when considering the ramifications of Trump’s promise to make speech free at the pulpit again.

The data leaves at least a couple of questions unanswered. By the numbers, how many Americans belong to dominantly GOP-oriented denominations? How many belong to Democrat-oriented denominations? How many belong to none/other? Then there’s the look at the data from one brick and mortar church to the next. How many churches are GOP-oriented? How many are Democrat-oriented?

At first glance, and second, and third, right through to surprised stare, the data tells a different story than Trump might have intended for his right-wing audience’s consumption. Removing the tax barrier to free speech at the pulpit appears to disproportionately lend free speech pulpit power to black and Democrat-leaning churchgoers.

Is Trump just pandering to the right for more votes, is it actually the noble goal of removing otherwise arguably justifiable impediments to government-subsidized partisan speech, or is this part of the big Democratic Trojan Horse Surprise that ultimately subsidizes more liberal pulpit speech in the future?

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