What’s a little martial law between friends?

Wait, isn’t that what they’re asking for?

Cleveland Police Calling for Open Carry Ban at RNC After Baton Rouge Shootings

This just gets touchier and more complex as the hours roll by. I feel like I’m watching a tennis match. I’m seriously gonna get a crick in my neck at this rate.

Martial law, simplified: when the government suspends ordinary law for the sake of keeping things orderly and peaceful during the kinds of extreme circumstances the government claims warrant their entirely reasonable reaction.

Look out. We’re gonna get martial law!

Sound familiar? From the constant grumbling about the Kenyan Seekrit Mooslim, for instance? Third term? Or maybe Jade Helm? Or any other pretense to claim something something false flag crisis actors?

Also consider the mixed narrative from them over time when, sometimes, cops do bad things.


Nothing to see here, move along.

Most cops are good.

Don’t make their lives more difficult.

Very important to protect the safety and feels of the police…

…but not of the public they police.

So now I’m obligated to say something awkward for the Other Side: Then there’s BLM, which leaves me with mixed feelings. I’ve got privilege issues, so I see a difference between King and the Selma-Montgomery march and a handful of people clasping hands across a road. And they sometimes bet on the wrong horse. And there’s absolutely a narrative, but we’re not supposed to notice. I notice, and I congratulate. That’s good message control. Mostly. Until someone not part of BLM does something under cover of BLM so BLM takes more unnecessary flak, even after all the facts come out, and that’s just BS, Other Side of this side.

Because that’s where the Other Side comes back in. Consider: someone brown with al- anything in their name over there blows up. Response? Blame all 1 billion Muslims and demand everyone of them grovel and disavow. Someone over here not part of BLM, or part of, but off message and off the rails, so not really part of, does something, and leap to the message that all BLM are bad and it’s bullshit, so all BLM must grovel and disavow (and basically stop being so uppity).

But, by all means, when criticizing BLM, be sure to not look at actual facts. Go with what you’re told they are by people whose job it is to know things for you. Your job is just to believe what you’re told.

And we’re told about all the white people and Native American people the cops kill, as though that makes the other problem go away. There’s no outrage at all those extra bodies. They’re accepted. Because police as an institution deserve our unwavering faith. But we’ll be told that #AllLivesMatter in the same breath we’re told those deaths don’t count somehow, because reasons.

On the other hand, a cop uses a banned choke hold, or shoots an unarmed kid, or a family dog, and it was the wrong house, and the wrong family, and the wrong dog, or tosses a flashbang into a crib, because oops it was the wrong house and the wrong family and the wrong crib and WTF is wrong with people anyway and…nope. Not allowed to expect all police to be a little friggin’ apologetic or disavow the bad guys when they come up, and they DO come up, and the 100% police apologist side knows and sees this because they are not blind or stupid.

Maybe those who fit that description can see why many on the Other Side don’t take them seriously, as coming to this issue in good faith?

And I see patterns. Relationships. Correlations. And I know that correlation isn’t causation.

And I see a correlation (mostly) between unquestioned, ardent support for police and, generally speaking, folks of conservative values. Which can be ironic when they often come to this position without being generally…conservative. There’s no cautious weighing of arguments. Just rally ’round the flagpole!  The same otherwise sane conservatives who warn us about martial law and the primary importance of the Second Amendment as the guarantee of all those other rights, including First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights, except for the fact they’re all too happy to waive those and to cheer those who dispense with the need for those other troublesome rights so very glibly because it’s the wrong people trying to exercise them, you see.

And I see the cops who are to protect the GOP convention in Cleveland ask for…

…the suspension of civil law. An abridgment of Second Amendment rights. The cops you’re defending are asking the state to temporarily disarm the citizenry. You know, impose a little pocket of martial law.

Ain’t nothin’ black or white here. It’s all screwed up. It’s all complicated. There are no predictable scripts other than power resisting the demand to yield power, as it ever has. The radical right has been against that resistance. The radical left has been against that resistance.

And they have us all quibbling over hashtags and semantics. They have us all at odds with each other to the point where it’s a friggin’ miracle to have civilized discussion without us all assuming from the git-go that the other person must necessarily be an out and out idiot, so there’s no need to even be intellectually honest about anything, much less, come to the table in good faith.

Rah rah, sizz boom bah! No persuasion. Might is right!

Enjoy that little pocket of GOP martial law if they can get it. Or will you find a way to blame Obama for the cop’s request?

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  1. Unfortunately the City of Cleveland had its home rule taken away with regards to gun control, so the Ohio-NRA legislature wins in this case.

    The interesting question is: if the City of Cleveland had home rule and restricted Open Carry within its boundaries as a matter of course, would you still see that as martial law?

  2. Not even a little 🙂 I would see that as a local area exercising home rule as standard operating procedure. I actually wonder why more small government types don’t throw their full support for home rule on the vast majority of things, let the chips fall where they may. Turns out, they just like their big government state-sized because governors and statehouses have so much in common with the friends and fam, I guess?

    I’m swinging at this hornet’s nest because this should be a very confusing and uncomfortable point for the all police all the time conservative set. The police are asking for a specific waiver of law that, were Obama to ask it, they’d be crying tears of blood and outrage.

    Luckily/unluckily, depending on perspective, Kasich just did the conservative thing and swatted the request away like an embarrassing gnat. Bad for home rule. Good for open carry. Bad for cops. Good for 2A first supporters. I’m obviously confused.

  3. Martial Law has a specific meaning and unless the military has taken over Cleveland that definition has not been met.

    You folks know I’m an annoyingly staunch 2nd Amendment supporter with ammosexual tendencies yet I would have absolutely no problem with the Governor issuing a “no civilian concealed/open carry inside the city limits” rule during the RNC.

    Considering the problems it caused in Dallas during the BLM protest and the momentary spike in shootings of police nationwide I think it would be the smart thing to do.

  4. Ya know, Frank, I wasn’t expecting this post and my reckless use of “martial law” to attract any sanity 😛

  5. I come away from these moments feeling flattered, so I would worry if I were you 😉 After all, you made good.

    • jeee, I always thought, the laws are the laws. they were for everyone. now we want government troops to do our dirty work when ever we want. that should make the troops feel good, fighting our citizens. please, we all know there are crazies and the bigger the population the more crazies. statistics. Muslim are a big population in the world I believe way more then all Christian faiths. so statistically there are going to be more crazies. out lawing anything or prohibition only controls the honest upstanding folks and can put them in danger if not allowed to protect themselves. why should you outlaw something that protects the citizens and leave the criminals to ply their trade? cops should start to think about something more then the blue gang and sticking up for any of them until absolutely necessary to let them fall. maybe things would get better. I vote republican because the dems want my guns simple, they keep saying they just want this and that but those things will lead to confiscation. a sure bet. in fact the form we sign was backed by another law stating that there could not be a registration federally for guns. that is how important it is to keep away registration. of course the feds have some of these still. that form was a direct translation of the form hitler made into law to find the guns before disarming the Jewish people. it is always the minorities that lose in these battles. freedom to make decisions not have my big uncle make them for me. freedom for everyone not just the rich. if I want an abortion it is my decision. you see i think left a lot, but the idiots think they can have confiscation. they know it will not solve anything except get them one step closer to enslavement. if I want a gun it is my decision, if I do not then I do not buy one. expecting everyone to just go crazy is not real life. keep guns away is not real life, it just makes it much harder for the innocent and poor who need it most. those making the laws have the weapons to protect them, in fact they are using the ones they are trying to outlaw and they do not even have to get their hands dirty. bad precedents are never good and can lead to a law that is very bad and takes more of our rights. these are our rights by birth not given by the country. all of them are precious. the bad laws need to be weeded out instead of added to. you want to know what this country is all about. get the 3 or 4 truck loads of books and get studying. martial law will never stop the problem just make it a little more difficult. it will also make the cartel so much they will have to buy a lot more houses to store their money in. make drugs legal! get rid of another prohibition used to take our freedom. no-knock search warrants, taking money from people, no due process. WTF, is this Germany. give us back our freedom do not take more. just what I want a more militarized complex controlling me. where do I sign up? or maybe I could be let out of the law because I do not believe it is right.

  6. Hi Art, there are quite a few more Christians than Muslims in the world.
    Speaking globally I wouldn’t put radical Muslims in the crazy boat alone. If you look at the fringes of any religion you’ll find true believers that have no problem summarily killing doubters.

    And while I agree to some extent with parts of your premises and concerns, I will say again that if we want to communicate with each other clearly and concisely we need to conform at least minimally with stylistic convention…paragraphs my brother paragraphs!