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Your Daily Devotional for July 7, 2016

Maybe Hillary should send out some emails about cops murdering black people, maybe then Congress would investigate.
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  1. WHEN YOU ARE RICH, it is a get out of jail free card. as far as the police, they are the biggest gang in the US. the blue gang. they want more power just as most government officials want and of course more money to pay themselves with. they will not be there to protect you. we are the only ones that have that privilege. now of course a lot of our representatives want to take our guns. they do not care whether you can protect yourself or not. it is not their problem unless we make it their problem. these folks that want to get rid of guns, they have armed body guards armed with the weapons they want us not to have. say no to any more restrictions on firearms, they actually need to get rid of some of the gun laws. only 2 mass shootings happened in a place where guns are allowed. all the rest were gun free zones. they can get rid of guns just as well as they have drugs. if I want to do heroin it is my business, I have to live with my decisions and mistakes. prohibition does not work in the history of the world for anything. we need to take back our freedom not give up more. decentralization of the feds would be a good start.